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  1. Smeggy Brake Discs

    hi brake discs on my 02 st 220 mondeo are shot so tried to change them , easy 20 minute job per corner i thought :) , wheel off ok , caliper off no prob , tap off disc no chance :( , batter it off with a bigger hammer won't budge make a make shift pulley with a couple of coil spring compressors still no joy as i chickened out thinking i was going to brake something , curse and swearing at them didn't help either so caliper back on wheel back on kick the dog and huff for the rest of the day any ideas
  2. Online Parts

    Cheers buddy
  3. Online Parts

    Hi guys , anywhere online to get some parts for ford . Thanks in advance
  4. New Car

    Thanks mate done that
  5. Mondeo St 220

    All right guys just bought a st220 mondeo , love the car goes well but acceleretor pedal has a little free play in it as in the first inch free play then the pedal feel quite stiff , is this just how it is or do i need a new pedal i take it the acceletor isnt cable driven
  6. New Car

    sorry guys put that post in wrong place but hi comeing from the jap stuff to the fords and now the proud owner of an st 220 mondeo
  7. New Car

    hi guys , going to probably buy an mondeo st 220 tomorrow , is there any known faults i need to look out for , thanks in advance ,
  8. Fault In 04 Tdci Focus

    just noticed it does it after its been sitting idiling or running in heavy traffic at very low speeds for a short period of time
  9. Fault In 04 Tdci Focus

    hi guys new to ford ownership , bought a 2004 ford focus tdci , love the car but have a problem with it , driving along and every now and then car will drop in power , glow plug warning light then starts flashing , if i drive on it runs down on power and won't clear itself until i turn off the engine and turn it back on then it runs perfect again for another while ( could be 10 mile could be 100 mile) filters have been changed and its been serviced ford diegnosed blocked filter, when i told them filters have be changed they said its probably injectors and if not that its the injector pump they seemed to be guessing tbh. i can't see how if its fueling , flicking the ignition off an on lets it run ok again . Any ideas and thanks in advance
  10. Newbee

    Hi just saying well Hi new to forum and new to ford ownership , Bought a 2004 115 brake tdci focus today and loving it so far so good only thing is it was a repo and came with no owners manual and no record of service history so looking some parts , Its got 100,000 miles so need to change timing belt , oil & filter and fuel filter . Is there anywhere online you guys use and trust who specialise in fords. Thanks in advance....
  11. Newbee

    hi guys new to the forum and i'm looking to buy a 1990 xr3i have you got any info on them that will help me buy . this is going to be an every day car so was wondering what are they like to live with on a day to day basis. thanks in advance for any info you all can give me
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums swanny1970 :)