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  1. Fiesta mk7 steering wheel audio switch control 1756753
  2. NicklasCc

    Wind Deflectors

    What about this site? Any good?
  3. This is the big loom Bluetooth-loom connector (back) (bigger picture Side Front Thegame1512:
  4. There are 3 torx20/25 screws you need to undo on the back of the steering wheel. Theese 3 screws holds the plastic "V" When they are out, you simply pull it off.. It can be a litte tricky, but it's doable.. :) After this, it's pretty straight forward. :) Edit: You will also need to dismount your airbag .. The battery must be out for 10-20 min before you start working on it...
  5. Mine did the same when i bought my car. Source an aftermarket button from ebay or a breakers yard and change it. Its a simple job! :)
  6. The connector my finger is touching is the connector from the bluetooth loom.. The one you want to have is the the one it clips into. :) If you have this one, it should be ready to hooked up! I'll post some pictures of the exact one when i'm home again on sunday. I am 90% sure that I have a big/deluxe screen at home.. I also have a 9-button "control panel" They are both for sale if you're interested :)
  7. NicklasCc

    Fiesta Illuminated Gear Knob

    There are many ways to do it.. This is just how the dealer did the job.. :)
  8. NicklasCc

    Fiesta Illuminated Gear Knob

    The gearknob is coated. Not that easy to scratch. I haven't installed it myself but it's connected to the fusebox in the buttom right corner as shown on the picture. The wire has its own 1amp fuse. When installing it you simply just dismount the plactic by the footwell aswell as the plastic connected to the gearknob. If you want more space you can dismount the glovebox. The wire simply runs behind this plastic trim. As far as i know, this wire comes in the box.. I hope this was helpfull..
  9. The free connector should sit in the "slot" here and get connected to the bt-loom.
  10. I installed the big loom without knowing that the models were diferent.. It was first afterwards I noticed that there was a diference in the models.. DUMB AS I AM! So the work was pretty much wasted and i installed the old loom again. thegame1512: I'll take some pictures when i get home again of the big loom and post them here this is where it should be located, under the radio... connecting the bluetooth loom how do you upload a picture in this forum??
  11. NicklasCc

    Fiesta Illuminated Gear Knob

    It looks great! I have one in mine, pretty easy to hook up as well .
  12. This is the right model loom that i have for the 2010-2011-2012 models The only problem is that the bt-loom has to go into the Big loom and not just the radio loom which the pre 2010 models do..... But yes, if you can make an adaptor of some kind... I dont think you can buy one from Ford.. :-)
  13. The loom i have has the same connection as neps' but i also have the BIG loom that connects the whole front, from a 2010 model which the Bluetooth loom goes into., Its a bit more dificult to change, but it IS possible with a free weekend :) it took me about 8-10 hours to change it, i dont know what you do for a living, but if you're a mechanic you can probaly do it much faster! All you really need is just to track where each of the connectors go to and remember to plug them ALL in (i forgot to connect the light switch which resulted a no starting car).. But as long as you keep track and plug all the connectors in.......... Its easy peasy.... ;) I took mine out again because it didnt fit my computer in the car, so now its just in storage and for sale :)
  14. I thought so, they are pretty expensive with stuff like this. Aah okay, i thought that it was standard on that model, since you have the little "game" with getting long a mileage.. I guess i was wrong :) I actually haven't checked it, i first chekced the number on the database afterwards. The actual price here in Denmark for (1580659) is 840kr + 25% moms, so it comes up to 1050 kroner. I will check it when i am going back to my dealer, if the LHD loom is cheaper, i'll order that instead. :) I got the 2010-2012 loom from a breakers yard this october which i can't use... So if anyone is interested!! ;)
  15. Okay, i'll just order the RHD loom, then i have some length to work with. It's around the same price here aswell. Awesome! All i need is the loom now and the coding from my dealer. What did they charge you for that? around 800 kroner? I think it's because your car is a Ambiente/Trend model that the trip computer isn't there..?
  16. The trip computer should work without the temp sensor.
  17. Congratulations on the result, neps! I am doing the same upgrade (no bt --> bt + usb) here in Denmark, and only need the Bluetooth loom (1580659) According to the online catalogue you mentioned earlier this loom is for a Right hand driven car whereas the 1580658 is for a Left hand driven car... Since you have ordered the 1580659 i assume that it possibly is the same loom..? Does the VOICE button on the new indicator stalk you installed work aswell after coding, and was the trip computer working before the coding (km/l, km to refuel, avg. speed) ?