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  1. Removing Rear Seats Mk 2.5 To Fit Isofix

    I did it my self without taking backrests out, just lift bottom of the seat up. I used torx socket, extension and a ratchet to push some foam on backrest in while !Removed!, tried with L shaped torx first but didn't feel tight enough.
  2. Acceleration Issues

    I had similar problem with mine 1.8tdci, stuttered on several occasions, eventually putting it in limp mode with engine malfunction light on. Brought it to the garage I bought it from, they plugged it to tge computer to find dodgy injector, which they replaced under warranty. Didn't happen ever since. So maybe get it plugged to the computer also.
  3. Trip Across Uk

    thanks for the reply
  4. Trip Across Uk

    Hi guys, I'm planning a trip across UK (Holyhead-Folkestone). Are there any roads I should avoid due to roadworks/heavy traffic? It'll be Saturday during day Google suggests A55/M56/M6/M1/M25/M20
  5. How To Remove Big Black Scrape

    it actually came off with a washing powder and a little rub, but thanks for suggestions. Lucky her lol
  6. How To Remove Big Black Scrape

    Hi guys, I let my wife drive the car last night and she came back with a black scar running all the way on the side of the car. Apparently she caught another car's mirror and the plastic must have rubbed off onto my car. It's not dented or scratched, will t-cut remove it or is there something better than that?
  7. I think Stoney might be right. didn't feel plug under the foam. Guess no aut9wipers for me. ..
  8. Found this cable taped to roof liner today would that be plug for autowipers? It's stuck preety good and I didn't want to pull too hard...
  9. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Just had a look through elmconfig in offline mode and didn't see option to turn these lights on... any suggestions? I rather keep it 'factory made' but will consider putting led strips in footwells and under seats at a later stage.
  10. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    I have sockets and cable coming to them but no power. Would magic cable and elmconfig program sort it?
  11. how the hell hide signatures?!

  12. Mpg - Your Experiences

    mine mk2.5 1.8tdci estate does 30mpg average but I'mdoing short trips around town
  13. 6000K Halogen Bulbs - Mk3 Lighting

    Sorryfor offtop but do leds in interior lighting dim upon ignition on/door lock or they just go off?
  14. Aux In Not Working

    Got it working today, turned out cable wasn't plugged in behind glove box. Must have been previous owner putting parrot handsfree. BTW how many digits is radio code? There'sa number handwritten on the casing, wondeeing could be it...