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  1. Focus Mk2 Rear Drum Removal

    Agree with you re Haynes. I remember looking at a Haynes manual years ago and was astounded by the level of detail and the pictures. Bought one for my wifes car a couple of years ago and was severly dissappointed.
  2. There is no hub nut, it's a sealed assembly.
  3. There are 4 bolts (mine are T-50 Torx) at the back that must be removed. These are tricky to get to, you will need an extender bar, having the car well raised up so you get in behind to have a proper look makes it a bit easier. Once these 4 bolts are removed you should be able to pull the hub off, once you release the handbrake of course. You may need to slacken off the cable adjuster nut for the handbrake (under the console, next to the handbrake lever) to give you more slack on the brake cable. Be warned once these four bolts are removed the whole assembly including the backing plate that the brake cylinder and shoes attach to will be loose, you need to take care not to put excess strain on the brake hose. Re-assembly is a real pain the first couple of times you do it. The hub/bearing assembly is integral with or pressed in to the drum. It's a ridiculous setup, must be the most awkward drum assembly going. The Haynes manual describes the method of using a bolt in the threaded hole to pull the drum off, so I would say that somewhere mid-production Ford decide to change the assembly or used a different setup for some variants.
  4. Focus Mk2 Rear Drum Removal

    My Haynes says the same. Unfortunately, either it's wrong or there are two variants of drum for the mk2 Focus (in which case the Haynes manual is incomplete). There are 4x TX-50 torx bolts (maybe 13mm bolts on some variants) at the back of the hub assembly that must be removed. These can be tricky to get to and will require the use of an extension bar. Once removed the drum can be pulled off along with the hub assembly. The hub assembly is either integral with the drum or is pressed in to it.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Witchaven :)