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  1. Happy Birthday Juanito88!

  2. Does no longer work on an update of ELMconfig to configure pcm does not? With regard to updating 509 can I activate the notice of change of oil? Does anyone know something?
  3. What a pity that no one works in configure PCM
  4. It will turn out to be a new update of elmconfig with PCM? Someone working in this?
  5. version ROM: 0403 Version NVM: 0403 Thanks to all for the help
  6. Thank you very much for his help and for the caused inconveniences. In my model of car is it possible to do the update?
  7. alguien es tan amable de decirme si puedo actualizar el firmware de mi cuadro de cuentakilómetros. Si es posible actualizar mi cuadro de km lo más seguro esque este fin de semana lo actualice. activé la flecha verde, pero no hace su función, sin embargo, cuando doy al contacto la flecha si que se enciende como en la foto Siento todas las molestias que estoy causando
  8. Speedo Cluster I mean. I can update with the ELM327? will function green arrow? will function ECO MODE?
  9. someone is kind enough to tell me if I can upgrade the firmware of my gear box? if possible upgrade my safest esque box this weekend to check. I activated the green arrow, but it does its job however to give contact if you turn the arrow : http://imageshack.us...20924153437.jpg
  10. Hi guys: I'm a guy who has a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi and I'm from Spain and I am following the steps also make. One question I want to do. in my model can update the fireware speed of the box? the one I have not activated the green arrow or Ford Eco Mode. Thanks and hope to answer Sorry my English is translated by google
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Juanito88 :)