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  1. Polish / eastern block hand car wash will address both issues (illness and missed bits) if nt washing yourself
  2. Mpg - Your Experiences

    Oops - seems like my right foot has been a bit heavy :-o Last fill 46.94, average 48.56
  3. Zec S Wrc Decals Wanted

    Do you mean the Ford factory option decals like these: Or do you mean the rally car full decal / livery? The former will be Ford only I suspect; or if you want some close up pics of mine to see if an after market graphics / sticker company can do you copies, I'm happy to send pics. I'm sure they'd be much cheaper than Ford. If the latter, a quick searcon google or eBay will find full rally decal packs. Max
  4. Don't You Just Gate This Time Of Year.....

    60 miles a day commute gets it filthy, no time and/or crap weather at the w/e and you could set potatoes on the car!!!!
  5. Hate this time of year, not gate, doh!! From this: To this in 2 weeks:
  6. Mpg - Your Experiences

    hmmm? not likely to be that then really. Fuel? do you buy the same brand every time? Have you tried different retailers for a couple of tanks? Shouldn't make that much difference but a previous scoob i had had a flat spot that was only cured at the time by Esso hi ron fuel (supreme?) . None of the others (Shell Optimax, BP Ulitmate etc) worked as well.
  7. 2014 Rs

    Doesn't look as aggressive as the mk2.5 RS, IMHO. That matt black one in the picture gallery on the Car magazine link looks real mean! ;-)
  8. Mpg - Your Experiences

    when last serviced too?
  9. Flip Cubbyhole Removal (Traditionally An Ashtray)

    it is a mk2.5 yes. appreciate the help fellahs.
  10. Flip Cubbyhole Removal (Traditionally An Ashtray)

    "nothing more too it" and "simple" ...... hmmmmmm i'll reserve judgement as a technical incompetent ;-/ Thanks guys. :-) PS how does one remove the plastic gear stick surround?
  11. Hi, has anyone got a comprehensive guide to removing the flip cubby hole under the stereo please? Looks like an ashtray. The damping mechanism has completely failed after clicking for a while and it won't fully open now :-( Many thanks. Max
  12. Mpg - Your Experiences

    Next installment and it's bad news, last fill showing a drop to 48.74mpg, average down to 49.01mpg. Have to confess my progressive driving style as been a "bit more progressive". And the heated front windscreen is a great option.
  13. Bonnet Lip Trim

    You've more money than sense if you're seriously considering either of those last 2 links. I'd still splutter at the cost of the first link, but I am a tight arsed northern oik ;-)
  14. Mpg - Your Experiences

    Next fuel purchase. 50.11 mpg for the last tank full, 49.08 cumulative. Slowly keep increasing the mpg's & still enjoying my "progressive" driving style. Keeping this thread alive.
  15. New Double Din Cd Player

    I quite fancy this: http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=25866{5}19{7}27 I don't need phone connectivity.