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  1. Alloy Wheel Locking Nut Size

    nice one - thanks
  2. Water ingress in boot

    Hi all, appreciate this is an old topic, however I have noticed water come out of the same hole to the left of the lock when it rains, could this be the window seal needs changing? - my boot floor is not got lots of water so looks like the water is just sitting in the bootlid until i open it.
  3. Hi I need to know what size of alloy wheel locking nut I need for my MK5 Fiesta - having to have the current ones taken out as the last owner of the car has not left the locking nut with the car. Anyone know what size I need? and good place to get them without being ripped off? thanks
  4. Tyres 185 55 14

    Hi People Im New to the forum -been a ford fan since I was a little kid - love the 80's fords as they are my favourites. We are now the proud owners of a 2001 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 after my dad surprised me and my Mrs with it on Monday for us to use as our second car. Quite a nice surprise believe me. Now - it needs 3 new tyres, so im thinking I might aswell get 4 new tyres so they are all the same the wheel size is 185 55 14 h I want to know from fellow drivers of this car - what brand of tyre to go for or reccomendations, I have checked the usual sites and my finds include Falken ZE912 Dunlop sp 01 Goodyear Duragrip All the above can be fitted for approx £60 a tyre from blackcircles however I thought it would be a good idea to find out from fellow members what they have had for there fiestas. Also the car has no alloy wheel locking nut so Im going to have to get the locked nuts drilled out or something - however can anyone tell me what size of nut i need as replacement as I will need to buy a new set of locking nuts. Thanks in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums XR2RS :)