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  1. Handbrake Release Button Cover Replacement

    Aw thanks for your offer. Just ordered it as I was fed up without it. Picking it up tomorrow. Great it's a simple fit, maybe even I'll be able to do it myself!!!!
  2. Thanks all for the help. Got sorted in the end. By going to a more competitive Ford dealer, who ordered me a used cluster and fitted and programmed it for a fraction of the price mentioned in the first post. And it's exactly the mileage as it was before as I took photos before and after. So it's working perfect again. Thanks : )
  3. My handbrake release button cover (plastic bit at the tip) has been missing since I bought the car, exposing the bit of metal. Handbrake works fine, but looks rough. I ordered one from Ford (cost only a few quid), but wondering, is it just "stick it on at the top" job or more complicated than that? Thanks
  4. Hi, no luck when I rang Ford Customer Service in Ireland. They said 2005 is out of their "goodwill timeframe" so won't offer any help. I did find a set of used clocks from a company called RA Motors Ltd, based in Yorkshire which will deliver them, has anybody dealt with them? And also, what happens with the mileage on the clocks I find, as it won't be the same as my old one? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. So is it something I can get replaced if I buy a working used one from a scrapyard? He also mentioned something about "programming it", does that mean only a Ford garage can do this?
  6. Hi all, new poster here so please bare with me. I left my 2005 Ford Focus 1.4 petrol (mk2) in for a diagnostics check with Ford as the engine management light came on intermittently. They traced the problem back to a "resister/wire fault in the clock cluster", saying the clocks needed to be replaced. But they’ve quoted me a crazy price to get it fixed: (in euro as I'm in Ireland) Diagnostics: €100, New Clocks: €476+VAT + Labour. In total, I’ve been quoted around €730 to get this sorted. Does this sound right? Could I get clocks second hand and get my local mechanic to fix it? Thanks all : )
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Irishlady29 :)