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  1. I own a 2004 Ranger XLT. Full service history as well as only 31 100 miles on the clock. I drove to Spain last month and on my return noticed a knocking noise in the engine that sounded a bit like a loose tappet. Set tappets no difference. I must mention here that there was no reduction in power, no smoke, just this tik tik tik noise around No. 3 cylinder. Then I noticed that upon start up, the motor runs rough for 2 to 4 seconds then purrs as normal. I decided to check that the glow plugs where all ok as the tappet cover was off and easy to test. It turns out No. 3 glow plug was faulty. Here's the first shock...Ford want £ 93.00 + vat for ONE ! Forget that, got them for £ 14 each. When I took the glow plug out, the last 8mm or so of the glow plugs element has the ceramic exposed ( not sleeved in metal ) about 4mm of that broke off and bounced around my No. 3 piston. So it's head off, sump off, new piston etc......and one hell of a job for a glow plug that broke. The other three glow plugs all show signs of pitting on this exposed tip but it seems No. 3 won the race. Change them NOW, the replacement aftermarket ones I got do not have an exposed tip, a much smarter option. Makes you think doesn't it ? Anybody have any ideas or come across this before ? Mike
  2. 2.5 Ranger XLT engine noise ?

    I decided before I started to dive into the sump to find the cause of this knocking noise, I’d try get as much expert opinions as possible. Bearing in mind I’d had two mechanics look at the problem and I myself have a pretty good idea what an engine is all about. I tracked down a workshop foreman at a Ford dealer in my native country South Africa and found out that he had over 15 years of experience on Ford pickups and knew the Ranger backwards. I explained to him that the noise was behind the main pulley and that it was a scraping / knocking noise that sounded more like a loose gear or chain slapping the casing. This is how he answered me….. “ In 15 years than I’ve been working on these engines, I’ve never had to just replace an oil pump. It’s not your oil pump, it’s your belts. “ Now I had lots of experience with worn and slipping belts, they squeal like a pig and make the most awful noise, but never had I herd of a mechanical related sound. So he tells me to take the belts off and start the car, the noise will be gone. Spray them with oil and pull them nice and tight, only 7mm play. Not that my belts were loose at all, the vehicle was serviced in August. He said they once, many years ago before he was able to work out what the noise was, that they replaced a vehicles water pump only to find a few thousand kms later that the vehicle was back with the same noise. They take the belts off so as to get a good listen without all the extra noise and presto the noise was gone. The bottom line is that he saved me a pile of money as well as happily passed on some experience that I in turn pass onto yourselves. It seems the 2 belts on those 2.5L diesels don’t slip, they jump and the sound reverberates through the block. Happy motoring Mike
  3. 2.5 Ranger XLT engine noise ?

    Thanks for that post, I've sent a mail to see if the info is still available. Mike
  4. Hi Guys I've got a 2.5 XLT diesel turbo twin cab pickup, 26 K on the clock 2004. I look after it and it's never really worked hard at all and has a full up to date service history. About 2 weeks ago I start up from cold and I hear what sounds like a tappet that hasn't been reached by oil yet. When the engines warm the sounds gone. After that, the sound is there every time I start up from cold and gone when warm. Two days ago, the sound is louder and I've removed the protective plates under the engine as I've now realised that it's coming from below. I have narrowed it done to just below and behind the main pulley at what looks like the oil pump area. the best way to explain the sound is to say it sounds like a chain slap. Does anyone know if the oil pump is chain driven or what could possibly be making that sound in that area ? I've been trying to find an exploded view of that engine online with no luck, anybody point me in the right direction ? Holding thumbs Mike