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    Installing Front Fog Lights And Switch [Mk6]

    Could you re-upload?
  2. R10JCY

    Manual To Electric Windows

    Exactly how i was when i fitted mine 2 weeks ago, was just putting windows up and down such a nice feature to add especially just before summer haaha
  3. R10JCY

    Manual To Electric Windows

    You need both door electric inners connected for it to work
  4. I've had my car just under a year now and done most what I've wanted to do but one thing on my list is to fit electric windows, I've looked on many sites to see wether its possible but no exact answers. Would someone be able to answer my question if you can or not and if so what will it require? Thanks guys Ric
  5. Some reckless driving just cos @ConnorFrost said he'll beat me by bus

  6. I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/zPlvxXab Who's The Daddy Remix - Benny Banks

  7. I favorited a @YouTube video from @sbtvonline http://t.co/mlChu795 SB.TV - Sneakbo, Sho Shallow, Timbo, Ambush, Depzman, Ard Adz -

  8. Just ordered thai and now watching The Expendables 2 W/ my girl @RemyAndrews

  9. RT @UberFacts: Taller men tend to have more s*x than shorter men.

  10. My eyes are getting bad but !Removed! wearing glasses ill look like a !Removed! flid

  11. Little bit of Mac and Devin go to high school. http://t.co/5OsSjTTK

  12. I have a MK6 fiesta finesse and i was wondering if im able to buy a set of zetec alloys to put onto the car insted of the standard wheels. Could i do a straight swap? Or if not what could i do to get around this?
  13. Not a flinch from me and the boys @MortonLouis @ConnorFrost and @damianmathers

  14. RT @ConnorFrost: !Removed! this film. Me & Big Ric !Removed! ourselves

  15. When I was younger the days used to go so slow now I ain't even got time to !Removed!

  16. LOL this persons Louis Vuitton bag has stars and no LV signs! !Removed! their life.

  17. No lie 😂RT @bradjolley: I'm a !Removed!

  18. Car back today thank !Removed! not having a car is long!

  19. R10JCY

    Swapping A Finesse Wheel To Zetec

    Thanks for the help, the infromation was helpful i think im going to stick to 15" alloys no bigger so i will just do a straight swap with my current steel wheel.
  20. I favorited a @YouTube video from @mixtapemayhemhd http://t.co/g9shWAsB Chip - So Sophisticated

  21. 🎮 add Ricqrdo for game of FIFA.