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  1. Cheaps Mods

    update on how i've been getting on with my mods, i've got the triple r lip kit and some i'm going to get the headlight brows, i've sprayed my interior trim around the stereo etc black and i've got rear and front footwell lights and now a glove box light, looking to do some more mods soon!
  2. Mountune Front Carbon Fibre Splitter

    ive put it on ebay, heres the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200871271711?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. is anyone selling one of the asian/australian grills because i'd love to buy one!
  4. Mountune Front Carbon Fibre Splitter

    Alright I'll put some up tomorrow
  5. Hi basically I've got a front splitter from mountune that I wanna sell! In good condition and yeah if anyone's interested let me know! Max
  6. Cheaps Mods

    Hi lenny my piggyback fuse and bits came, so stick my light down and the were do I connect the negative and positive wires from the light to?
  7. Cheaps Mods

    Done it! Sorry for all the questions! Finally Doberman passenger side was hard the wires don't let the bulb holder come down far so was a struggle
  8. Cheaps Mods

    Okay, the wires going to the front working footwell lights have a purple and green wire which is ignition live and the other one is I can't remember, so snap one to purple and green wire, and onto say red wire run to New bulb holder and connect on then do same for other side! Should work?
  9. Cheaps Mods

    Yeah I saw they were the same as what I've seen as snap lock connectors, where you put wire in one said and the wiring your running to somewhere else in the other side of it and snap it shut? So if I put one on the positive wire and then run that to my new bulb holders that I bought for the rear and then do the same for the negative it should work?
  10. Cheaps Mods

    What do you mean by a parallel tap? And how? Sorry not very good with proper electrical language!!
  11. Cheaps Mods

    cheers for the guides! i have front footwell lighting that works with bulbs holders that i put bulbs in so do i just connect it from that?
  12. Cheaps Mods

    can anyone tell me how to wire rear footwell lighting i had the front as standard but want back to but dont know how to do it
  13. Cheaps Mods

    got window tints and my bulbs for footwell lighting came today, got blue LED bulbs i like them!
  14. Cheaps Mods

    thanks lenny, do you know where i could get the lip kit, and how i could do rear footwell lighting and glovebox lighting
  15. Cheaps Mods

    hi, basically i got my fiesta about 6 months ago and i haven't done much to it but i want to do some cheap good looking things. here it is.. what's on it so far... street pack, leather, heated seats, bluetooth, push button start, voice control, mountune mp140 kit, eibach lowering springs, HID's and i think thats about it! i want to get interior sprayed black but debating whether i'm brave enough to do it myself. but i want some more ideas of things i can do to it. max