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  1. SkinnyB

    Mk 2.5 Engine noise, down on power

    If i had to pick I would say it is more of a very loud rattling. When the missus heard it she said it sounded like a transit and I’m unfortunately going to have to agree with her on that one. UPDATE I couldn’t find my elm to try and check the codes but I just decided to start taking the car apart and I didn’t have to look far. As evident from the pictures the issue is with but might not be limited to the timing belt. It seems it’s been shredding away but for how long I do not know. You can see on the cover the belt had started cutting through it as well. Im going to be ordering all the bits to change the belt if any one has any advice on changing the belt please feel free to let me know. Would the belt in this state have been the cause for the noise and lack of power or am I going to be running into issues as I change the belt. Could the timing being off cause the noise?
  2. Alright folks. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. On my way back from work this morning I was doing about 65 on a dual carriageway the motor just lost some power about half hour into my journey and I could immediately hear a weird noise but because of road noise and wind noise etc I couldn’t pin point what it was. As I got on the slip road engine just cut out completely, turned it back on and drove it about 1mile back home. It had a slight rough idle and was definitely down on power. Got home parked up and then realised noise was unfortunately coming from engine. I put a new clutch in the car about 2months ago and car hasn’t had any work done to it since. Car has about 76000 miles and is a 1.6 petrol. i know without hearing the car itself it might be difficult to know what’s wrong with it but I was just hoping to pointed in some direction. If I had to put money on it I would say timing belt but I’m really hoping I’m wrong. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. SkinnyB

    Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

    I've just read your post again now I get it, so I'm pretty much going about it the same way you did? When you say you activated them on elm config, what options did u tick? Folding mirrors might be a future mod for me when I finally get the funds to get the !Removed! things!
  4. SkinnyB

    Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

    thats the wiring i have
  5. SkinnyB

    Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

    Cheers mate, I don't just have the two wires (the blue and grey that I suspect are for the windows) I removed all 4 door connector I suppose you can say I removed the loom responsible for the electric windows and locking system the door loom if it makes sense. I'll try and upload the picture again.
  6. SkinnyB

    Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

    Right so went back to scrap yard today to pick up some bits and the wiring today, instead of rippin the whole loom out, too lazy for that i realized that the wires i was missing where a blue and grey one :) so i decide to follow the wires from the connector in the back to the one on drivers door to the one on other back door to the passengers front then to the fuse box. this is what the car looked like when i was done with it these are the bits i have the metal insert things with modules on all 4 doors drivers door card Cant seem to upload one for the wiring Work is going to start tomorrow weather permitting ^_^, gonna have to start with the wiring tho and hopefully i can run it along with the existing loom incase it all goes pants up i can jus revert back to what it is now. One thing i have realized is because i have to change wiring im going to have to remove either my wing or door to remove front doors :o not looking forward to that bit. Will also have to play a bit of spot the difference with my wiring but im fairly confident that i should be able to get it to work one way or the other.
  7. SkinnyB

    Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

    cheers for the info mate, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for me. seems one person was able to do it hopefully i can as well ;) i am not going to hold my breath but i want to give it a good old go, hopefully if i cant get it to work the scappies will take the parts back and refund me if not then its probably going to be an expensive gamble. i will obviously make my mind up when i go there tomorrow but will definately look more into the wiring when i get there hopefully there is a work around the whole MK2 and MK2.5 thing Will keep you folks updated cheers
  8. Alright folks, been away for a while but im back now. Right so like the topic suggests i have manual rear windows and i have always loved the fact off have control of all four windows from the drivers seat :D So i have always wanted to do this retro-fit but lack of info and a few people saying its a pain in the... to do have put me off but today i decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Found a nice doner car. a 55plate Ghia :) took all the door cards off to access the metal things holding the electric winders etc took all of them off including the wiring but upon taking the wiring out for the rear doors i realized that the connector coming from the car had 9wires compared to 7 on my car :o i had not taken all my tools with me so i could not rip the carpets out to trace the wiring so i told them to keep the stuff for me and i will be going back there tomorrow to see if i can rip the carpets out and yank the wiring out :) has anyone done this before? and any info that might help me would be greatly appreciated and if i manage to yank wiring out will that be all i need to do the retro-fit? i will be taking pics all the way and if all goes well i will be doing a guide :)
  9. Cheers for clearing that up for me mate looks like i wont be doing this retro fit any time soon if at all. i cant seem to find the right stereo. i can see a few being sold on flebay but most of them where produced in 2007 or early 2008 which makes then not compatable And my current module begins with 7 so re-wiring needed as well. There are some made in 2010-2012 but they seem to be overpriced, so for now i think im going to have to live with just listening through the AUX. I read somewhere that the sound quality is not that great when using wireless streaming, can anyone with experience using it shed some more light on this for me. Gonna be sticking the new USB module back on flebay
  10. Seems like i'm out of luck, i done all my retro fits with relative ease until now. i thought i would take pictures instead of trying to write it all. And when you say i have to modify/re-wire the wiring, what exactly does that involve? The module i have bought as well is the older of the USB types part number 8M5T-19C112-AM the one that does not have the mini usb connection, does anyone have a link to where i can buy the cable or which one i will need. Again on the subject o the stereo when you do the audio updates that you get here what will you be updating the module or stereo or both?
  11. I had to do the same thing, but for me it was for testing purposes before the main job. Yea you can access the wires by removing the cowling, given, there is not much room to work with and if I remember well the two wires are kind of twisted into each other which doesn't help either but I was able to do it without cutting the wires in half, and managed to test and use the CC this way but I was using the original CC buttons from a 4 spoke wheel. hopefully that fills u with a bit of confidence. I've seen a website that sold or rather sells the stereo control already modified with CC buttons but it's in Russia and they were a bit on the expensive side, can't remember the website tho I'll see if I can get a link.
  12. Alright folks, some troubling news has just come to my attention :o , after months and months of searching for a bluetooth module with USB i finally managed to buy one yesterday (still waiting for it to be delivered) for an acceptable amount but now after reading this i am a bit worried that my stereo does not support the USB function. I have done the check as mentioned above and when its cycling though all the numbers there are three which look like the firmware, 10-00-02 is the 1st then there is a date 25/07/2007 another number FB 07-02-08 then BL 02-04-05 can anyone confirm which number i need to be looking at or weather my stereo will support USB function or not and if my stereo does not support USB which for me is becoming more and more likely is there not a way to update the software or firmware whatever it maybe? btw i have the facelift focus on an 08 plate believe its the early version of the mk2.5's
  13. if you manage to get the program running then you need to activate CC in HEC and GEM then follow the instructions on post number 1451 and there is another post on this topic i believe its post number 311, between the two posts you should be able to activate it, seems daunting but its easy enough when you looking at the actual program got the picture im almost certain that the connector you are on about is the black one circled in blue, hope you can see it fine or zoom in close enough. you can access the wires from under the steering wheel without having to take the airbag off its the brown wire and the brown wire
  14. i was a bit confused as to begin with about which connector you were on about but i think i know now. its the same connector that you plug the airbag into if i remember right you cant miss it if you take your air out. i will have a look im sure i have a picture of it some where. have you already modded the radio stalk so that you can work the CC?
  15. did you download the DLL files as well? I take it you have not used the cable before either? I think all you need to do is run program as administrator if you get any errors then you might want to try and download the DLL files and install them. try running program as administrator again if you run into any errors again try the following, it does work on windows 8 as well After i did this thats when i could run program on my laptop with windows 8. If you manage to get the program running then the rest is very straight forward i will have a look for the link when i get a minute. But try that for now see how it goes hope that i have put it in simple enough terms :D