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  1. Thanks everyone, it is faulty! Booked in again for the garage to look at, probably to tell me they can't fix it, the window people probably will have too.. Another wasted day to look forward too..
  2. Hi, so got a 59 plate focus titanium last week, traded up from a ghia because I wanted all the gadgets still, this is where my problems have began.. Day after purchase got up in the morning to drive to work put heated front screen on and only passenger side defrosted.. :( Dealer was ok, said would need a new screen so this got done this morning, was a bit concerned by it just being a company I have not heard of (was expecting autoglass). Went out before and all was fine but rain stopped, spray stopped and wipers continue to wipe, not constantly, maybe every 10/15 seconds, even when not moving? Now my question is the rain sensor on the screen is this on the windscreen or wipers? If either have a bit of water on will the wipers still wipe? I just don't remember this from my Ghia model unless it has changed in newer models? I am worried now the screen being replaced has caused this fault, it never did it before the screen swap over? Does anyone know of a good way to test other than waiting for a completely dry day that might be hard now, if I go and dry off all the screen and wipers would this be an ok way to test? Thanks.
  3. Turning Off Engine Management Light

    Thanks for the offer mate, I work at Cheshire oaks so always down that way! Anyway I tried unplugging the battery - does not work Also the pedal thing, did not work either. Anyway I was very lucky to have a friendly local garage that turned the light off with no charge so very happy now! Thanks for all the input and advice, I do like this forum, lots of helpful people!
  4. Turning Off Engine Management Light

    Thanks for the replies, going to give the pedal pressing a go in a few minutes, will update if it works!.. or if it doesn't! (I am in St Helen's by the way)
  5. Hi, I have a focus diesel 56 plate. Can anyone tell me how to turn engine management light off other than taking to a garage. Long story short had a faulty sensor which I have changed now car runs fine but still has engine management light on as needs resetting! I have read unplugging battery can do it (tried for 10 mins but light still on). Or is there a fuse for the engine management light, I do not have a manual to check fuses unfortuantly. Any advice would be great thanks.
  6. Hi, so I have a focus 56 plate and I have recently noticed a click noise when I press the brakes at around 10/15mph. I think it sounds like from the rear but do not have a clue what it could be and if major or not? It does not seem to happen all of the time either, it is very random. Any advice would be great. thanks
  7. What Model Do You Advise Me To Get Next?

    Thanks for the reply, yes that mpg is more like what I was expecting! Also I found out it does have sat nav! not sure if that is a good or bad thing but maybe a sell-on feature in the future?
  8. What Model Do You Advise Me To Get Next?

    Hi, so I have seen a 59 plate 1.6 Titanium. Just under £8k, 25k miles, seems an ok price comparing to Polars/Peoples/Arnold clarks? Did not have it at the garage but looks nice from the pics. It does seem to have a big screen on the stereo? can anyone take a guess at what is special about that? I was expecting a standard Sony stereo, not sure what this bigger one does? Also could someone explain what does the following mean? Fuel Consumption EC Combined (mpg) 42.2 EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies True EC Extra Urban (mpg) 51.4 EC Urban (mpg) 32.5 I understand the mpg but what is "extra urban" mpg and can you actually achieve 51.4 or close? Thanks again everyone! :)
  9. What Model Do You Advise Me To Get Next?

    thanks for the feedback, givin me a lot more to think about.
  10. What Model Do You Advise Me To Get Next?

    Thanks for info, going car shopping on Tuesday!
  11. Hi everyone, been a long time reader of this excellent forum now I have a question I would like your advice on please? I currently have a mk2 56 plate focus 2.0 tdci ghia (80,000 miles approx). Had it for about 4 years, it has always been "good" but now I am starting to have to pay money out on it with growing problems, latest thing was the DPF nearly £200 from Ford :( . It just passed its mot but Fords told me when it was getting its DPF fix that there was a few potential problems including the front and rear suspension looking a bit worn and possibly an expensive job for the future! Because of this I think its time for a trade up I am thinking around an 09 plate mk2.5. So a few questions I need help with. 1. Think I am going back to petrol to keep inital cost down, does anyone know which engine I would be best going for to have the same nippyness? I do like how my diesel pulls away at the lights leaving most cars behind. Would a 1.6 petrol be enough or would a 1.8 be needed? 2. All the cars in my price range seem to be the Zetec model, do I miss anything from the Titanium? I wanted all the extras that is why I got a Ghia but didnt really use cruise control I just think it is the 6th gear I willl miss! 3. I never got great mpg, if I got 44 I was happy with that but it was normally 39-40, can anyone tell me what mpg they get on a regular basis from what model. I do a lot of motorway miles but also a bit of stopping and starting to get to the motorway so maybe this is why. Sorry for the long post but it took me 9 months to decide on this current car and I really do not want to be doing the same again this time!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums lpoolm :)