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  1. MK3 Starting Problem

    Ok... so I spent nearly all day trying to get my car to start and after searching the internet for answers I fell upon this site and figured that some one might be able to provide an answer. My car is an N reg, 1.1 petrol, MK3 Fiesta. I tried to start it last night to find that the battery had died (I left my MP3 charger plugged in and my interior light on. Stupid I know) Any way, after failing to jump start it, I gave up and put the battery on to charge over night. I tried to start it again this morning and the it would appear that the battery has had it. So I changed the battery (a near brand new one from my old MK3 Fiesta). Any way, it still wouldn't start. I cleaned to spark plugs (changed 3) and changed the air filter which had some effect but still no luck. It turns over fine but it just seems that no fuel is getting to the spark plugs to actually fire it up properly. I considered the possibility that the fuel pump was gone but after some research, it seems more likely that the immobiliser needs resetting. I have a red master key for this car and I think that it may play some part in this but I really don't know. If any one has any idea of what else the problem could be or if any one knows how to reset (or even remove) the immobiliser that would really help me out. Thanks