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  1. mobily

    Dipped bulb replacement

    Hi all I have a 2009 focus hatchback and recently replaced the dipped headlight bulb on the passenger side. However when driving in the dark I notice the bulb seems to be much brighter than the other side and gives glare rather than just general illumination. Having a closer look the bulb doesn't seem to be as far in as the other side but I can't seem to get it in properly. Are there are guides with diagrams I can follow or does anyone have any tips? Thanks
  2. mobily

    Brake Advice

    Hi all Ford Focus 1.6 petrol with 38500 miles on the clock just had a major service. There was an advisory of brake pads and discs. The pads are 70% worn with the discs at 23.4mm stating the minimum is 23mm. Is it advisable to get these changed now or are they ok to leave for a bit? I am getting front tyres changed this week so thought it would be a good time to get the brakes done at the same time. Many thanks
  3. mobily

    Starter Motor

    Hi all Any idea how much a new starter motor would cost for a 2009 Ford focus petrol? Would you recommend a reconditioned one? Thanks
  4. mobily

    Decision Time

    Update I decided to go ahead with the welding and now have 12 months MOT, but £300 lighter! In respect of the clutch the mechanic said it could last for a while and might be worth waiting. I have driven it with a high bite for a good few months and it only slips in 4/5th gear. What is the best way to nurse a clutch? At the moment I accelerate very gently and if going up hills use lower gears.
  5. mobily

    Decision Time

    Hi all Purchased a 2001 Fiesta with 71k on the clock about a year ago for £650. Bought for daily drive taking daughter to school and driving to work. About 13 miles a day with the odd jaunt at the weekend. Main car is a 2009 focus which the wife uses (I must really love her)! Fiesta has been ultra reliable starting first time every day. Bought 4 new tyres a few months after buying for about £150. Over the year a few things have happened. Wing mirror fell off after I scraped a pillar and is now held on by tape. Rear wiper has stopped working. MOT today failed as we expected all down to rust. Garage has advised £300 to rectify in addition to £250 for a new clutch due to very high bite and also slipping over the last 3 months. The decision is should I go ahead and get the work done or look to buy a new car for another circa £650? My concern is the Fiesta is clearly mechanically reliable but the bodywork is failing. If I get the work done I an confident it will last for another 12 months. If I buy another car at that price it might not be so reliable. Decisions decisions....
  6. mobily

    Radio Issue

    Hi all My wife turned the car on and the radio asked for a code. Being the buffoon that she is she put the wrong code on 3 times so now we need to wait 30 minutes with the engine on before I can put the right code in. Is it a common problem that the radio suddenly needs the code inputting? I'm guessing it is an electric issue.
  7. mobily

    Low Mpg

    My petrol gets about 41mpg on a run but around town can be as low as 28/29. When we bought the car we were using the car for just town driving but then my wife got a job which requires 25 miles of A road driving each day.... diesel next time!
  8. Hi all My car is approaching 4 years old and has 20,000 on the clock. Whilst the air from the air con is still cold it doesn't seem as cold as it used to be. The car did have a major service in March and the air con was given a green rating not suggesting any issues. How often would you guys recommend having a service and re-gas of the air con system?
  9. mobily

    Tyre Advice

    Thanks for the response!
  10. mobily

    Tyre Advice

    Had a look at the tyre and can't see any mention of run flat or any mention in the manual. As the car has a space saver wheel I'm guessing it doesn't have run flats fitted. Would be good to have other peoples opinions though!
  11. mobily

    Tyre Advice

    Hi all, My 2009 Focus is fitted with Michelin Primacy HP tyres. The fronts need changing and I've gone for some Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance. However I have read that the HPs are run flat tyres and I shouldn't mix them with non run flats. The rears have plenty of grip left and I don't want to change them yet. Can anyone let me know if the Goodyears will be fine?
  12. mobily

    Scratched Bumper

    Hi all My wife was driving the ford yesterday down a village lane which had quite a dip in a certain part of the road. The car down has a number of large scratches on the bumper which look quite severe. Also the bumper has come slightly unseated as a couple of screws came out due to the impact. It isn't hanging off though just very slightly loose, it can certainly be driven without any problems. Does anyone know if it is worth attempting a repair of the bumper to remove the scratches or would it need a whole new bumper which I am guessing could be quite costly. I would be grateful for your experiences and advice.
  13. Hi all I noticed this morning that one of the four small rectangular plastic clips on the roof of the car is missing. I'm not sure what they're called but I presume they are removed when you fit a roof rack to the car. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement? Many thanks!
  14. mobily

    Major Service

    Hi all My 2009 Ford Focus is due a major service as it is 3 years old, although it has only done 16,000 miles. Looking at the paperwork an annual service was done at 7,000 miles on it's 1st birthday and then a subsequent service done at 13,000 miles after two years. Is there anything I need to specifically have done at this interval? I am looking at the following: - new air filter - new spark plugs - new pollen filter - new oil filter & oil change - fluid check and change if necessary - brake pad/disc check The steering feels slightly out (i.e. I need to hold the wheel slightly left of centre to remain straight) therefore I also want the tracking/wheel balancing looking into. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Many thanks!
  15. mobily

    Bent Wiper Arm

    Had a look at the wiper arm and there is a bend in the middle, but there is also a bend in the middle of the passenger wiper arm which would suggest it may be a design of the arm itself, although I've never noticed it before. Perhaps some other MK II Focus owners could let me know if they have this? The blade is still leaving an arc of water and looks like the edge of the blade isn;t pressing against the screen correctly. I may try a replacement to rule this out before looking at a replacement arm!