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  1. Focus Tdci ..uprated Clutch

    As that is the st to rs ...where ive got a diesel was wondering if anyone noes if there is a better clutch out there for diesels than standard
  2. Focus Tdci ..uprated Clutch

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere that makes better than oem clutches as thinks of power mods to my 2.0 tdci ...can a standard clutch cope with them as i know alot of st owners uprate to rs clutches Cheers
  3. Anyone got ideas thinking battery as done dash test and read 11.4 then again this morning b4 i left for work showed 12.4 now back to 11.3/4 .....half hour later The other day i locked my car heard it lock and i always click it again as i leave to make sure its locked but nothing happened and had to unlock with key and all dash logs reset still no power till i turned key in ignition Now everytime i slow down seems really rough and wants to stall .......is this just a battery problem or more ... Any help out there would be good before i go wasting money on the wrong thing
  4. Removing Facelift Rear Bumper

    also when u say Should the nut get stuck, the bolt can begin to rotate freely causing difficulties for removal what happens if it does ? would wd40 make it easier before i start
  5. Removing Facelift Rear Bumper

    yh i know i dont need to remove to fit but getting the whole bumper resprayed as has started to peel in places and easier to fit diffusser to bumper with clamps off the car ...arr yes i remember feeling the nut/bolt you are refering to ,next to some plastic thing is it just them and the bumper is released then ?? thanks
  6. Removing Facelift Rear Bumper

    i know this has been covered b4 but looking at the topics am still unsure what needs to be done has anyone got pics or a more personal intake as generic paragraphs just dont sink in lol as removing to get resprayed and fitting zetec s splitter i know there are 2 bolts underneath by spare wheel removed today 4 in wheel arch 2 when boot is open but what else needs removing and how do i get to them ? thanks in advance
  7. Removing Wing Mirror Covers ??

    Hi just wondering does anyone know how to remove them as dont want to break it when changing them
  8. Wheel Nuts

    Na i got the st 18" alloys ...i hate the standard nuts as nearly all the caps have come off mine so want ones without caps and fancy coloured ones
  9. Wheel Nuts

    Hi does anyone know if these are the correct size for my focus zetec 2009 with 18" ST alloys ...dont wanna bother buying them if not ? Ebay item number 201108023754 Thanks
  10. Rear Brakes

    Yeah i used a clamp on front calipers but rear i couldnt budge and bolts that hold calipers on got top bolt off passengerside but could get to other as 2 cables in the way to at top
  11. Rear Brakes

    Disks and pads ...not drums
  12. Rear Brakes

    Hi can anyone shed light on how i change the disks and pads on the rear of my 2009 focus....fronts i done in 5 mins but came stuck when camw to doing rears
  13. Me and my cousin got two tuning boxes and b4 i start looking at fitment anyone fitted one...ie where do u plug it in on the engine i no its the common rail but there are a few plug near it anyone got pictures or anything will help ......its only for now as both gonna try get a deal with remap and exhaust at same time ...discount hopefully
  14. Brakes

    Yh only had them on matter of days st alloys had to be done makes it look so much better
  15. Brakes

    Thanks for all the info guys wouldnt have thought a diesel would be fitted with 300 brakes