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  1. Hi again. I have tried the same lead with my phone and that doesn't work either so I'll buy another lead and try that. So should a standard Aux lead do it then? Many thanks
  2. I will try another device yes. Only other thing I can think of is that I may have bought a duff Aux lead. I'll keep you posted
  3. Hi, thanks for your response. I still cannot get my MP3 player to work through the car speakers though! Is there an unusual type of connection lead I need or something? I have got a standard aux lead that connects to the car via the earphone port on my device and it doesn't seem to do anything. Can anyone shed any light on this. Cheers
  4. Hi, can anyone help me with regards to compatibility of MP3 players to the latest model Fiesta, I can't get my Sony to work. I've tried using the USB connection with the software provided with my device, and I've also tried an auxiliary cable with every combination of connecting possible - no success at all. I have tried a relatives Ipod and that works fine, is it just that the car is not compatible with MP3 devices? Hope someone can help! James
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums James.h :)