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  1. RT @Nigel_Farage: A Labour Leader who doesn't believe in any immigration controls. Clear that those who want strong border controls must vo…

  2. Save our bees! Demand the government ban the pesticides that are harming our bees. http://t.co/QVANoqTg @38degrees #bees

  3. CynicusEconomicus: Oh dear, Prof. Krugman http://t.co/viqh86lC

  4. 108,000ft and counting #livejump

  5. Looks like its going ahead, can't wait till see the lift-off.. #livejump #stratos http://t.co/cv6FJWk0

  6. Effin typical with my missus. I'm the last one to be told that my step-sons party has been cancelled.

  7. Anyone guessing my stepson who is 18 in December, you'll be right!

  8. What is Apple on, or more importantly, the Patent Office in USA.http://t.co/MrgC8QtWWhen is prior art no longer relative in new patents?

  9. http://t.co/CRvVlUpy Unbelievable talent this guys got...

  10. Why no pictures of the balloon being rolled out? Much better than the blue sky currently being shown! #livejump http://t.co/DhoSJ7Sq

  11. Doh, postponed till 2pm GMT. Must be too windy... #livejump http://t.co/DhoSJ7Sq

  12. 3 hours to go before Felix the Fearless jumps out of a capsule at 120,000ft. #GoodLuck #livejump http://t.co/DhoSJ7Sq

  13. Height of laziness: getting your mother to pick your girlfriend up as you cannot be stard. #OneLazyStepSon

  14. Howard Webb is officiating between Newcastle and Man Utd at the weekend, what are the odds for a penalty to be awarded to Man Utd?