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  1. Help With Aux Belt Type?

    I have a Feb 2009 Focus 1.8 HE petrol on a 58 reg 34k miles. The aux belt is squeaking when cold so Im intending to swap the belt. Can anyone tell me if this would be a finis part no 1517566 or has it been superseded as mentioned here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-1-8i-2-0i-08-10MY-PETROL-AUXILLARY-V-BELT-1249MM-1517566-SUFFOLK-SAAB-LTD-/330860516168 I have read on forums in the US Good Year Gatorback belts are a good cure but should it be a newer stretchy type? My own research suggests the correct one would be 6PK1250. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all. I have a problem when coming to a stop, when I press the clutch down as slowing to a stop the revs drop down to about 500 then rise to around 1500 several times before settling, occasionally it wil stall. It will start up again without problem, power seems fine when driving. Its a focus 2.5 1.8 duratech 2009 with 36k on the clock, any ideas?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums nobby1963 :)