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  1. My Focus Zetec S...

    Sorry for the delay in replying Lenny, been away over Christmas and spent it away from any technology to unwind totally. Thanks for your kind offer, but I think I will keep the head unit and swap back in, if and when, I sell the car on. If I do have a change of mind I will let you know. Cheers
  2. My Focus Zetec S...

    Hadn't thought about selling it. Just hadn't occurred. It did have phoning by bluetooth, ubs/ipod use and voice control in the car. Have just boxed it up. Of course it has security code with it.
  3. My Focus Zetec S...

    Spent yesterday wrapping - not Christmas presents, but the centre console, ashtray, heater control unit and radio trim. Quite happy with the results, a couple of bubbles but not more than that. Like others on here I am amased how much of an effect is has had. Think it updates look of the interior considerably. May now upgrade heating dials to complete the look. Really pleased with the quality of the DAB even when living in a moderate signal aera. Sony head unit is great, still fiddling with functions. You may be able to see that I've bought a micro USB stick (16gb) to store music on (middle of right hand side of the head unit.) This works perfectly and displays track and album data on screen. Upgrading the aerial and cabling was a must also for me. It has taken a little while to complete, but has been well worth it. Thanks for help and comments once again. Before After
  4. Spent yesterday wrapping - not Christmas presents, but the centre console, ashtray, heater control unit and radio trim. Quite happy with the results, a couple of bubbles but not more than that. Think it updates look of the interior. Thanks for help and comments once again. Before After
  5. DAB aerial fitted and radio works brilliantly. What a difference! Very happy at outcome. Aerial sticks up close to vertical, but reception is fantastic. All that is left to do is to remove the silver trim around the radio unit, garage door storage unit and silver plastic trim by start button and carbon wrap at the weekend. I'll post pics sometime over the weekend when complete.
  6. Did you manage to remove the pillar cover as in the guide? If so, was it a case of levering straight out? I only ever has the confidence to pull, twist and slide the pillar casing just enough to poke the cabling into the cable clips, which was ver fiddly. I didn't know if the remaining clips holding the pillar in place were going to snap if / i yanked the pillar straight out and didn't want to be left with a pillar that couldn't be refitted.
  7. Cheers Stoney - I removed the door seal to route in the small glass mounted dab aeral that came with the radio unit only then to discover that the aeral should not be mounted to a heated front screen, so then had to remove. Guess that taught me a lesson to read the instructions and be less impatient. Will be fitted on Monday and will be carbon wrappping silver interior panels shortly.
  8. Booked it in to get work done early next week. Can focus on carbon wrapping the interior now.
  9. Hi Last weekend I started fitting a Sony CDX-DAB700U head unit into my Focus Zetec S mk2.5. I mangaed to fit the head unit into the car, the CD and stalk controls work fine but the FM/MW/LW and DAB radio are dead. Part of the reason I wanted a change was the poor quality radio reception I was experiencing with the original unit. As it looks like the issue is due to the aerial and cabling, I have now purchased a Kinetic DRA-6001 aerial bundle with low loss cabling for both the FM/MW and LW and DAB radio, which I would like fitted asap. I am not that much of a practical person and am not great at reading wiring instructions, but can follow something I see and am more than willing to have a go. I have had a quick try at removing the drivers side front pillar cover, but don't want to pull too hard and break any holding clips. Does anyone know if there is a pull and slide knack? or is it just a straight forward yank and pull to remove the pillar? I have found a guide on DAB radio retro fit on fordwiki - Can anyone tell me if that is similar to what I will need to do? I guess, what I'm trying to do is save £50 -100 on labour costs if I do it myself. Any helpful comments, thoughts or pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Just had a spare 5 mins to have a look at how to remove the colour coded wing mirror covers, before thinking about carbon wrapping them to match my front lip. I looked in the manual - turned the mirror right down to the bottom as far as it would go and think i could see the clip that holds the back on. But couldn't see how to remove. What is best to use - a flat headed screwdriver? - Is this the only clip securing the back in place? How much force is needed and applied in which direction? Any other tips would be fab. Thanks
  11. My Focus Zetec S...

    Looks good. :)
  12. Cheers Lenny! I like your ideas! Must say am very impressed with the quality of the front splitter from TripleRComposites so is definitely on my radar. The DLR's look good too , not sure i'm upto it at the mo, but worth consideration. I think carbon wrapping the wing mirrors may tie in the carbon lip a little more - and is both cheap and straight forward. I may even have enough from the roll i bought to do the lip! A distant thought is also some alloys - but thinking of going for something a little different maybe - something like these Borbet LV5's http://www.rimstyle....t_lv5_gm;dia=17 Think these will set car off nicely. Just a dream at the moment though! Rh1no -Be sure to stick up some pics of yours when you can - hope it goes well.
  13. Thanks for the pointers Lenny, turned out to be a real help. All I can say is that patience is the key to heating and unsticking the lip. I found that a small wallpaper scraper worked well, rather than a flat bladed screwdriver. Your pics above sure served as a reminder and a valuable lesson in taking time and being extra careful. Here are some pics showing the results of this weekend. Before After I am really pleased with the result, with it being my 1st attempt at carbon wrapping and all. My new number plates arrived on Saturday morning so put them on too. What next? Carbon wrapping the wing mirrors?, Lower front splitter? or new headunit? Unsure at the mo, but am enjoying the predicament.
  14. Thanks everyone for the positive comments so far. If the weather is fine this Saturday I think I may well attempt to wrap the silver front lip. I have already bought the carbon effect wrap in black, and some replacement sticky fixers and will be using the guide from this site to remove, wrap and replace. Excited and nervous at the same time, but hopefully when it is finished it will help make the front look a little more agressive. I have also ordered some new number plates from DMB graphics that should clean up the look of the car a bit - getting rid of the dealership name - adding the Euro stars on a blue background, 3D (look - not raised from plate) lettering and black boarders. I am thinking of sticking these rather than drilling and !Removed! them, rather than buying black plastic / carbon effect number plate surrounds. The plates are yet to be delivered, but seemed good value as opposed to Halfrauds. Brigante - I will see how i go wrapping the front lip before attempting some interior trim, but could be tempted to do the odd bit. My only hesitation is about leaving the buttons silver. Will they look a little odd silver and not carboned up, when everything around then is carbon wrapped? I don't know. What's your take on this? Lenny - Loving the look of your latest mods to the front - very special. DRL's above the spots does look spot on (no pun intended) - I will have to wait to see how generous the big man in red is this Christmas time and maybe something to do in the new year. I will try to post the results of my efforts asap.