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  1. Bluefin will be :) £495!
  2. Ok so the fiesta ST wasn't annouched in time for me to get one so I thought I would just check back in (as I have been offline for ages!!) and tell you I have just ordered my new car. I have gone for the Audi A1 1.4tfsi sport in White :) be here in March!! Standard 120bhp but will look at getting it chipped to 160!
  3. Ill be doing it myself so would cost me around £70 in materials! I can hold my own with applying stickers to should be ok!
  4. Ok vie set myself the challenge of vinyl wrapping my car in matt black vinyl! What you think? http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=376442 That's what it looks like on a BMW!
  5. Just looked it up and looks hot! Shame i need to get my new car for march next year!
  6. Go onto this site: and get your own code and link 5 people to it and start getting free MS points! I know there is a lot of xbox lovers here so if we all link each other we should be in luck!
  7. Thanks for your help! They are saying 3-3-2 on both front. 6-6-6 on the backs. Dont really want to spend £100 on tyres at the moment! I will ring Pro Tyre and see if they can give me a second opinion :)
  8. Im sure i have Hankooks on my Zetec and they seam to be crap! Turns out it needs 2 front tyres not a back as well... stupid lady! Still dont believe that a set of front tyres should only last 12k!
  9. What the hell? The car is a year old and vospers just rang and said when they did the safe and legal check my tyres are on 2mm! I got all my boy racer wheel spinning out the way with my first car so that isnt the reason! Are they just !Removed! tyres? Thats £150 gone :(
  10. I would def go down and leave that photo!! It makes me sick that someone is just trying to make money off what could do someone a lot of harm! Isnt there someone you can report this too? I know watchdog was on the radio about this time of thing. Pointless ringing the police i guess?
  11. Thats bad man! Cant remember the hold story why you got rid of it!? Can you quickly remind me :)
  12. First fiesta ive been that isnt an S with those wheels! Really nice!
  13. Nipz

    Mk7 Rust!!

    Ill have a look and see if i can wipe it off :) Still not really happy with any rust on a year old car!
  14. Long time no speak! Noticed over the last couple of months the rust spot has got bigger and bigger on the rear wiper. Any one else got this? PS i know my car needs a clean :)
  15. If the vinyls were put on when the car was clean etc then there should be no problem with the car wash. The power washer would be worse if you catch a corner. Its best to stick with hand washing really :D Hope that help. Ben
  16. 3.5mm i believe :) hope you enjoy your car! and dont forget the pictures :D
  17. They just showed popping out the lights etc nothing in depth! Loads of things on youtube. What are peoples thoughts on what wheeler dealers said?
  18. Ok ive just been watching Wheeler Dealers on Shed and they were fitting aftermarket HID kits to cars they were selling and didnt mention anything about self leveling lights or self cleaning. The Lexus they were fitting them to did have self cleaning lights but nothing mentioned about them. Also they just kept called the HID lights modern lights or sporty lights. Ideas? More importantly how are people getting on with there HID lights?
  19. Because the tinted glass comes from the factory. Nothing is ever dont at the dealer really other than little bits.
  20. I would keep going back and back until they get them perfect. A good tinting company :D can do a good job so dont settle for crap :) Edit: once you have had to go back more and more they will get it done 100% so you dont have to keep coming back! I did the same when they kept cracking my number plate and worked :D
  21. look very nice! I would like to fit some but as im forking out £? for an iPad im not sure lol!
  22. Love them :) i want to give it ago but i no my brother (who has a new S3) will take the !Removed! lol!
  23. Have you asked your dealer? i know they can be useless but worth a try! Maybe able to wire in another LED from a battery maybe? dont good with electricity really so maybe not the best person for advice :D
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