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  1. Oil back pressure

    Thanks Gizza. what I can not understand is the car works fine, I am no mechanic but would have thought if a piston problem I would loose some performance, however could be a blocked something causing back pressure
  2. Oil back pressure

    I thought we had some experts on here but no replies as yet I cannot be the first to have this problem
  3. Hi All I have a 2014 Focus Zetec 1.6 diesel with just under 20 .000 miles on the clock, for the past month I have been getting oil out of the oil fill cap or the oil dip stick. A visit to our local Ford garage said they have had issues with the oil filler cap possibly due to back pressure so I bought a new one. However this has not cured the problem and oil is still splashing out over the engine and it is definitely coming out of either the filler cap or dip stick, note the dip stick comes out a little even after I have ensured it is pushed in hard. Any suggestions to whats causing the problem or better a cure
  4. Which Fiesta Model Did She Buy

    Hi Mark Yes thanks for that, but it says it is a Mk 7 Yes it has eyes on the headlights and yes wind up windows and no air conditioning, BUT she hope at least 50mpg We need to buy a second key (existing one has blue tab on end) not a remote key, where's the best place? local Ford garage says £65 Many thanks all for your help and the wife loves her little car and I am surprised as it's no snail for a 1.2 engine. Mike
  5. Which Fiesta Model Did She Buy

    Badge on back says 1.2, documents say style, but still confused as to which model Mk 5. Mk6 ???? Mike
  6. Hi All Sorry I guess this question has been asked many times, but the more I read the more it gets confusing. My wife has just bought a 57 plate Fiesta Style 1.2 (bhp82), registered in Feb 2008, can someone tell me what model it is please, it 'looks'like' the one pictured below. I thought for a 2008 car it would have at least remote unlocking and electric windows but no, it has only one key,(not remote type) do I have to buy one from a Ford dealer at £65 as otherwise I do not know which key to buy? Thank you Mike
  7. Hello All Just registered and want to ask a question in the Fiesta Forum but when I browse and upload picture it will not 'attache' to the post. What am I doing wrong Thanks Mike
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Tynesider1 :)