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  1. The postie might want to come to ford fair! Lol
  2. I've had a Fiesta Zetec Eco 1.6 61 plate and curently have a Fiesta Zetec S TDCi 61 plate (both diseasels) so hopefully my figures will help! The Eco and Zetec S both have different gearing, with the S being approx 300rpm higher at the same speed (Not sure where yours will come into that). The Eco I had a high as 72MPG sitting at 60ish over a tank with 90% of that being major A & M roads, the lowest I had out of that car was 54MPG over a tank. The Zetec S I've had 65MPG based on the same as above, however as low as 36MPG over a tank (Yes, I am 21) ;) If you limit the country road hooning and go as fast as the traffic in front, up to 3 points terroritry - I would expect 50-55MPG would be a fairly reasonable result. Unable to report on remap side of life - my cars have been company provided and usually change every 12-18 months so wouldnt work for me really.
  3. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the way HMRC reduced me to 9p/mile! If it goes anymore I will have to drive 2/3 of the journey and cycle the rest of the way to work!
  4. Vag Fan Buys A Fiesta!

    Welcome :-) Go for the ST!! Remember how I'm a long lost relative and you can hook me up with privilege when I buy an RS next year? ;)
  5. Evening all GoPro have a competition running in relation to the newly released Fast & Furious film. Entries will be closed now, however check out the uploads here http://gopro.com/furious7 If you like my entry on the link below, give it a vote :-) http://bit.ly/1EAw3fj Hope you like it!
  6. Yeah, I'd say it'll be safe to be honest. They aren't parked too close together so no one will be squeezing to get past. It'll certainly be safer on the FOC stand than the public car park! - otherwise get someone else to come in their car, that way you can still enjoy the day as nothing beats the sound of ST & RS' tanking it around the track :-)
  7. Car isn't mine, not overly concerned :-)
  8. You really can't make this stuff up!
  9. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    Fairly confident in saying all zetec s' have them, you won't have the bulbs in the sockets though! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    I took the headlights out when doing mine, only a few bolts. :)
  11. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    Ask away mate! We love all this stuff
  12. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    T10 stye, same as interior light
  13. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    For the foot well lights? You should have a bulb holder at the top of each foot well, so just look up with a torch and you should see them hiding there
  14. Best Bulbs For My Fiesta Zs 09

    You should already have the bulb holders in there, you just plug in the bulbs :)