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  1. I've had a look at the Ford Options site, I will give them a call tomorrow when I get all the details from my house. Not sure what the GMFV is? not sure what that matters since I was always going to give it back anyway? If I can give my car back to Ford and not pay a penny then I will be fine with that, but if I can make a quick £1K out of it then it might be worth doing.
  2. Oops sorry, Thank you, that website has actually given me a decent view of prices. Just wondered if anyone else has been in the same boat?
  3. Hi Guys, Unfortunately the time has come to sell my Fiesta Zetec 1.25L, Due to my work giving me an Audi A3 for peanuts. The Fiesta is currently on Ford options, I'm paying £180 a month for it, no deposit, I've had it since new (62 plate) about 14 months old so I've paid off around £2500, but I'm not sure if they took anything from the KA I gave back to them? for the deposit? so more could have been paid towards the "deposit". My plan is to buy the car, dependent on how much they want, and see if I can private sell the car for more than what I paid for it (without the monthly payments in mind). Just wondering how much you think I can sell it for. I also have the 17" Black Spanner looking alloys that I bought separate (also got the 16" silver spanner looking alloys) and a Black spoiler to sell aswell, not sure how much I can sell the spoiler and alloys for? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. St2 Insurance

    Can I just ask what insurance company's you guys are getting your insurance from. I'm currently on Aviva with a Fiesta Zetec 62 - 1.25L paying about £650, but I have tried to get a quote from them for the ST2 and it seems like they wont insure me at all, at the end of the quote process it just says we cant give you a quote based on the info submitted. Which is strange, 20 year old, 2 years NCB. I have had a look on the comparison sites (witch are always more expensive anyway) and they are coming in at around £1.5K. I need to try Direct Line, Admiral etc.. but I'm just wondering what you guys think the cheapest one could be?
  5. Alloys

    Ahh, I thought it was only my style of alloys that where prone to buckling, I guess not. If mine buckle I will fight for a new set of Alloys, I can not believe in this day and age that they don't make brand new car alloys strong enough not to buckle, and if they dare to blame me I will take it to court. I have done it before with Ford for the KA, the head unit was messing up, I took it in, and they blamed me!! I was shouting, making a fuss, saying that the !Removed! car is only 6 months old and asked for the manager, talked to the manager in his office and got a replacement head unit. If you shout loud enough, you get stuff. Don't let these massive company's bend you over.
  6. Alloys

    I thought it was only the 17" Street pack alloys that had this problem, not all MK7 alloys. I have the 17"s Street pack (Spanner looking) alloys, for about 15 months now, none have buckled or bent, I believe they strengthened the alloys in mid 2012 before seizing production of them altogether (for the 7.5)
  7. Quick Question

    There is no set price really, and I did get mine with a new car, I think they started off at £1000 but I got them down to £800.00, so st leased you know you can haggle with them and maybe get them for less than that now due to them being last generation alloys. People say don't spray your Fiesta break cals any color because they will stand out and just show off how small they are, they are very small, they do stop the car extremely well but they are small. The tyres are still going and still drive very well after 15000 miles, very good at cornering, breaking and wet conditions. Defiantly the best tyres I have ever had the pleasure of using anyway. As for the Alloys I have read (on here and autocar) about them being easily buckled and easily bent, but I have had mine for a year now and have had a few hits in big potholes and off roading slightly, still no problems, I kinda hope they strengthened the late 2012 ones, and think they have done. They defiantly look a lot better on a Zetec S than them standard ones.
  8. Quick Question

    If you mean these - http://www.automotorblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/FiestaSportEdition665.jpg Mine from the main dealer was £800.00 including Continental Sport Contact 3 Tyre's (Run Flats). Really nice looking alloys in my opinion.
  9. Little Help What To Do?

    The black one has the bigger center screen, I think it will have Bluetooth included. I think all models from late 2012 have Bluetooth (AUX and USB) and the bigger screen (and all 6 speakers, instead of some only having 4). The 1.0L will be better but you wont be able to get a new Zetec S anywhere near these prices, and the money saved on petrol wont be anywhere near the price difference between the prices of the old and new Zetec S. I personally prefer the first model and not the new face-lift model both standard and Zetec S. The interior is slightly nicer in the new models but still pretty much exactly the same, and it is a very nice interior to begin with. Bluetooth is a must so I would defiantly make sure whatever you get has Bluetooth, it is by far the best in car Bluetooth system I have ever used, beats BMW's Bluetooth system. So easy, instant connect and starts playing your music wherever you left off, even on Spotify or any other music playing app on android and iphones. All contacts are transferred instantly to the cars unit, you can voice dial from the car, it rings through the cars speakers and shows whos calling on the screen, the microphone is very good and so is the call quality altogether, everyone is impressed when they know I'm driving my car and it sounds just like I am on the phone. You will be very impressed by the Fiesta as a whole package!! JUST GET ONE! That insurance price is quite good as well seen as you have no years driving or no claims discount yet. £120 a month for one year, then it should drop down to around £60-80 a month when you are 21 and have 1 years no claims discount. we all have to do it, so just bite the bullet for one or two years and it goes down loads, I'm 20 and pay £50 a month now for my Fiesta, compared to when I was 18 with a new Ford KA I was paying £160 a month. Try AVIVA car insurance, they dont show up on comparison sites and are usually cheaper by quite a lot. Good Luck.
  10. What Fuels Do You Use?

    This seems daft, as I'm sure What Car or Auto Express did a piece on branded vs supermarket fuel - and end result, if your car (petrol) states it takes 95 octane - that's what it requires and any more octane (as used in the more expensive fuels) wouldn't make a difference what so ever. all garages have to abide by UK fuel laws and they all have to meet the same standards.I also read somewhere that all the petrol stations get the fuel from the same depo. I've heard some crap about Asda watering down the petrol, that would probably be illegal and I am guessing is pure BS.
  11. Looks awesome, Post some night pics, I would like to see the red lights, especially the hardly noticeable one inside the bottom hole bit..
  12. Voice Control Woes

    So does mine, I can ask it to call any contact that is on my phones contact book - iPhone 4S - 62plate fiesta. must be a new update as I see you have a 12 plate.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums JoeyG410 :)