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  1. right, i chased the wires all the way from the coil to the ecu, i actually replaced the 2 outta wires incase there was an internal break i couldnt see, the car is exactly the same..... the thing ive just noticed is that when the cars warmed up to temperature if i hold the revs at around 3k for a few seconds the car actually starts to fire on all 4 cylinders, as soon as the revs drop below 2k even for a second it reverts back to firing on just 2 until i start the process of holding the revs at 3k again.... any idea's where to go next with this?
  2. just to add its definetly not the coil pack, i was worried that is was due to it being a euro car parts copy that i purchased, i swapped the 2 outta wires on the coil plug and it swapped from firing on cylinders 2 and 3 to firing on 1 and 4 so it has to be something else. i also put a multi meter on the 2 outta wires and they are both sending different amounts of current, someone has suggested maybe its the ecu gone up the wall, anyone got any suggestions? what do i need to change if i buy a replacement ecu, is it a straight forward swap with the key/transponder to match the new ecu?
  3. thanks mate, will give it a go later
  4. can anybody shed some light on this?
  5. or am i missing something else that could be causing it??????????
  6. hi, i changed the connector that goes into the coil so i know there connecting good, a broken wire is definetly a possibility, ive unraveled the wires as far back as possible from the coil checking for damage and as you say i need to check there are no breaks anywhere from the coil to the ecu, is there anyone who would know what pin corresponds with the coil wires at the ecu end so i can put a current through to eliminate that as the problem
  7. hi, right i checked the injectors and they are fine, i dont think an air leak is the problem as this seems electrical as theres no spark on cylinders 1 and 4, my car apparently doesnt have a maf sensor, what it does have is a cold air intake sensor, could this cause a no spark scenario if it is malfunctioning ? scott, ive had the car 3 months so i dont think its yours. ALSO just to add its a 1.4 not the 1.6 that i put in my first post.
  8. hi all, i have a fiesta zetec 1.6 2003, not firing on cylinders 1 and 4, i replaced ht leads, spark plugs, coil pack, cam sensor, crankshaft sensor, and fuel filter............. car obviously idles rough, on some occassions when the revs are taken over 3k it drives fine and definetly appears to fire on all cylinders until revs drop below 3k then it goes back to only 2 and 3 and has very little power..... any suggestions?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums billybonkerz :)