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  1. Thanks for the offer of help Juergen. It's much appreciated. However, I actually carried out the update myself the other day. I was on the lookout for update instructions in English, and even asked on the German S-Max forum if anyone had an English version of the update instructions, but got no replies. In the end, I made an attempt at translating the update instructions from German to English (using a combination of 'Online OCR' and 'Google Translate'). Once complete, I managed to update the navigation firmware without any issues. I actually posted on the Talkford forum regarding the update I carried out, but if anyone would like to check out my loosley translated instructions, you can find them here: Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (English Translation).pdf The German version can be found here: Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (German).pdf The "Service Pack 2013 For Ford SD Touchscreen Navigation" CDs can be found HERE (registration required). Only proceed if confident to do so. Thanks again Juergen.
  2. Hey Guys Whilst browsing some foriegn Ford forums the other day I came across a thread relating to a 2013 system update for the SD card navigation system found in 2011-on Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max etc. Anyone familiar with such an update in the UK? Asked at local Ford dealership, but they are pretty clueless. They didn't even know the more recent Mondeo came with SD based navigation FFS. Details from the front of the service pack is as follows: Service Pack 2013 For Ford SD Touchscreen Navigation No Map Data Included Use Update CD1 for Map Data Carrier BS7T-19H449 CAA and BS7T-19H449 CBA Use Update CD2 for Map Data Carrier BS7T-19H449 CAB / -CAC and BS7T-19H449 CBB / -CBC I registered on the above site just to download the "Handbuch.pdf' and the the only number I can find is on the front of the PDF of the 'Service Pack' booklet. The number is: "8 622 406 470" Despite the 'Service Pack' booklet originally having German, English,French, Italian and Spanish language sections, the guy who scanned and PDFd the handbook only did so with the German section. How dare he? I haven't been able to find anything by googling either. Some Translated Text From German Forum: Be Sure To Note !! Since 23/05/2013 SD cards for retrofitting at a special price on the Ford parts in stock (TomTom). The part number is stated on the packaging, NOT on the SD card itself. In these cases, the update CD2 (black) must be used !! So is anyone in the UK familiar with this update and how I can get my 2012 MK4.5 navigation updated? Cheers guys. Also posted over at TF, but no response yet. :(
  3. 2.0 Tdci Titanium Fuel Economy 59 Plate Uk

    Assuming you never got this sorted, try giving your Mondeo an 'Italian Tune-Up'. I have basically the same car as 'Engine Chris', albeit the manual and I was getting 33mpg average on last two tanks (450ish from a tank). Then the 'Italian Tune-Up' was mentioned over on 'Talk Ford'. Here's the bones of a message I posted directly after carrying out the 'Italian Tune-Up' -------------------------------------------------- I managed to achieve and maintain 54.5mpg whilst doing 65-70 on the M6 and also on local 30-40mph roads too. When I set off this morning on a 250+ mile round trip, I decided I was gonna give my motor an 'Italian Tune-Up' as mentioned in various posts on TF (Talk Ford). On the motorway, I got up to approx 75mph @ 3000rpm in 4th gear and kept her there for 20 minutes using cruise control. During this time, the fuel consumption stayed at around 32mpg. The ECO symbols on the Convers+ dropped from full to one segment! Just before setting off back home, I brimmed the tank with Shell V-Power as opposed to BP ULtimate that I've been using since getting the car back in August. What a difference! Seems more powerful Drive seems smoother Consumption seems better Engine sounds quieter Now the reason I say "it may be to early to get too excited" is that there are so many variables. It may be due to the 'Italian Tune-Up' It may be due to the change of fuel It may be because the BBTB has had a good run out Miles to empty at one point was reading over 520+ miles after covering 120 miles (overall total 640+ miles), which has never been the case since I purchased the car. Calculations from previous two fill-ups: 356 miles from 49 litres (33mpg) 465 miles from 60 litres (35mpg) So to anyone suffering the p!55 poor mpg with the 163, get it on the motorway and give it an 'Italian Tune-Up'. In hindsight, I should really have brimmed it with BP Ultimate again to rule out the brand of fuel....... -------------------------------------------------- So, in summary that is: Fourth Gear 3000 RPM 75 MPH 20 Minutes Hope you get it sorted.


  6. Ford Ecat

    Can only finda torrent for the 2011 version. However, I get the WinRAR 'corrupt file' message when trying to unrar the ISO from the completed files. I ticked the 'Keep Broken Files' box and the resulting file is 5.37 GB (5,770,575,872 bytes) Anyone know what size it's supposed to be? I think it may be 'Part 22' that is corrupt according to the WinRAR error message.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Ripperoo :)