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  1. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    true marcr1 lol.. but my one cheaper lol :D
  2. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    Any pics of the car yet Euan :)
  3. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    i have been toying with the idea to de-strip my white version and paint the alloys black as i think it would look better... any advice appreciated
  4. Been A While Since Posting. New Interior Sprayed!

    Hi... i have the white version of yours... would love to see the pics ... :) You wouldnt have any light intermittent steering issues would you lol... i have a problem with mine :(
  5. Mk 7 Fiesta Zetec S Intermittent Light Steering Issue

    Hi jon. i have a s1600 reg 2011 and i have the exact same problem... seem to notice more when engine cold etc. Everytime i take to dealer they think im raving mad as they never seem to see an issue with it.... I too at this moment in time have not been able to get it sorted but you have confirmed my suspicion that it is infact electronically power assisted. Has anyone else come across this and preferabley resolved this as we cant be the only 2 lol. Thanks for reading.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums dizzy_432 :)

    1. dizzy_432


      Thanks Steve. Im needing some help due to being a newbie... Im looking for some advise about my mk7 s1600 as i had an accident on Friday night where i hit the kerb about 30-40mph and as a result damaged my alloy, and have bent the suspension back into arch (still driveable etc) and i was wanting to find out what im likely having to replace etc... SUBFRAME, wishbone, hub, strut, Track control arm etc.... There are obvious signs of damage but if i was going to do myself which im more than capa...