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  1. Ford Focus Rear Bumper

    Cheers Lenny! Funds at the moment are pretty limited like :/ You said you can get them from taobao.com for cheap, have you got a link cause I've looked on there and can't seem to find them haha
  2. Ford Focus Rear Bumper

    Thanks guys! Trouble is I'm on a bit of a budget, what sort of prices would I be looking at if buying from ford and how would I go about getting one?
  3. Ford Focus Rear Bumper

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about putting this on my 09 focus and I'm wondering if anyone has put one on theirs and can give me any tips on how to fit it and if there was any issues or anything http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=221186530689&index=18&nav=SEARCH&nid=86208417638 Thanks!
  4. First Post - Thermometer On 09 Focus

    Thanks alot guys! Its been driving me crazy!
  5. Hi guys, I got my focus about a month ago, my first car are really pleased with it, theres just one thing i find really annoying about it and im wondering if theres a way to resolve it or not. The temperature will only show in celcius if everything else shows in kilometres, and farenheit with miles. Does anyone know if you can change it to have degrees celcius and miles or do i just have to deal with the temperature showing in farenheit? Hope this makes sense and im not just talking crap haha
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums RhysG :)