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  1. ...the car is nippy but it is not THAT nippy
  2. So this particular model may indeed come fitted with a flux capacitor?
  3. I suppose I need to hear from other owners of similar vehicle.
  4. Well the ignition might be off but that does not mean a pre-configured electrically driven process would not work - if the injection system goes through this process whenever ignition is turned off then sounds perfectly feasible.
  5. In first post I mentioned fuel injectors resetting which is what dealer advised over phone call. Do others share this belief and have similar experience?
  6. No, this is a mechanical clicking - completely different from the cooling-down "tinkle tinkle" noise I am used to hearing on a hot engine.
  7. Almost every time I complete a journey and turn off ignition - I can hear (IF I get out of vehicle immediately after turning off ignition) a rapid series of metallic "clicks" coming from under the bonnet usually lasting a good 3 or 4 seconds. Cannot hear them if I am inside vehicle and door closed hence my surprise when I first became aware of it. At night, when parking in a very quiet area the sound is very distinct. From asking around it could be the fuel injectors resetting but I have no idea what is acceptable amount of noise to hear and the length it goes on for. My instinct is that if I had designed and built this car I would have found this sound unacceptable and would have tried to apply some moderate engineering to quieten it so am surprised Ford might think this is normal. To recap - I get at least a dozen rapid clicks (about 3 per second) - loud enough to be heard when standing near front of vehicle and distinctive enough to make me think - eh?? FYI This is a 4mth old car and I have had it from new, 2600miles on clock. 1.6 petrol.
  8. Bluetooth Problems On New Ford

    Found good workaround for those of us with massive contacts lists on our iPhones (will also apply to other phones I imagine) - the Ford/Sony voice control cannot cope with, I assume, any list approaching or over 1000 without losing all voice tag accuracy. Solution is to create a small list of most important numbers but without the STORE NAME option how do you do it? Solution to follow for anybody this applies to.
  9. Bluetooth Problems On New Ford

    Having same problem with inability to store names to what I perceive is small local directory on the radio hardware itself... had my new car for ONE day and discovered the "Store Names" command is simply not recognised - this is despite what it states in handbook. I NEED this function because of the OTHER problem I discovered: my iPhone contacts list is probably too big (approx 1700 entries - don't ask) - when the device tries to find a name when spoken it fails dismally - I am guessing this is because it is frantically trying to search a massive number of potential voice tags - it RARELY gets even simple names correct. So I need to be able to create a local list on the voice control system itself with around 10 names and numbers. Someone PLEASE tell me this is possible!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Spangles11 :)