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  1. thank you for your reply my missis says not to touch the car as i might make it worse can you get to these parts over the car bonnet or do u have to go under the car ive never worked on these semi auto cars and have not got a clue what im looking at also how do i unseize the motor cause if its completly seized im looking at spending £550 just on a motor thanks
  2. hello there i need help and advice please i have a 05 plate ford fusion durashift and i was driving down the road when the car came to a complete stop yet the engine was still running the dash was displaying 5th gear i turned car off and now wont start the dash is displaying like a 0 with a line through it got it towed to fords and they put on a diagnostic machine which showed up nothing yet still cost me 86 pound fords told me its the actuator motor that has seized and its gonna cost me £890 inc vat is there any way i can reduce this cost by trying something your replys are much appreciated