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  1. Fiesta Red Edition - Tinted Rear Windows?

    If you do get your windows tinted make sure you inform your insurance company of this as if you have an accident they will look for any excuse not to pay out.
  2. St Vibration At Lower Speeds

    Thanks for the advice, I am back on Thursday so I will get it booked in after that.
  3. I am looking for some advice and assistance. I have had my ST3 since September and totally loving it but in the last couple of months I have noticed from time to time that there seems to be vibration coming through the car when driving in town, I only normally notice it after I have been gunning it then slow down when hitting the 30 zone. Has anyone else noticed this or has anyone any idea what the issue could be?
  4. Hill Assist

    How do you turn the hill assist off
  5. Looking For A Bike Rack

    Kevin I got a halfords high mount bike rack recently & it's good. I attach it the same was as the link below & it works fine. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/46800-rear-mount-bike-carrier-with-zetec-s/
  6. Cheers Scott I will look the carriers that you have mentioned, I am just a bit wary about using a boot carrier on the fiesta bumper.
  7. Hi all, I have just ordered a new mountain bike & I am looking for some advice & info on what type of cycle carrier you would advise on getting. I have had a look at this post from Steve & he has done a great job on adapting his cycle carrier to suite. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/46800-rear-mount-bike-carrier-with-zetec-s/?p=283624 I have a 62 plate metal & my first thoughts were to get roof bars, but I don't like the idea of having to remove the plastic trim to fit these to the car. What's everyone else using as a bike carrier & would you recommend your set up, especially with the spoiler that the metals / zetec s have. Thanks Stu
  8. Rear Mount Bike Carrier With Zetec S

    Steve, nice post & great ideas for protecting the paint work. Are you still using the same method now for transporting your bikes around?
  9. St On It Way.....

    Steve, your a lucky man I love my metal but I so want a ST
  10. Fiesta Metal

    I have got to agree with Steve, once my 2 years are up I will be straight in to get a ST, I love my metal but a ST is just at another level. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Fiesta Metal

    Hi SandtCat I have had a metal for about 16 months & totally love it, the car handles like a dream and has the power when you need it. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone best car I have owned. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  12. Wheel Gators

    i really like these too, but could of done with them last week before i went down a pothole and scraped the edge of my alloys, any ideas about getting them repaired / fixed
  13. Fiesta Metal Vs Fiesta St

    I have a metal & love it but have to agree with Gary that it would be worth the upgrade, my decision now is the fiesta or the focus st
  14. Washing Your Fiesta

    Hi, I have had my metal from new since November & have become quite anal about washing it. I normally wash it about every 2 weeks & I do it like this Power wash meguiars snow foam shampoo with snow lance Power wash Hand wash using meguiars shampoo with lambswool mitt & 2 bucket method Power wash I have never dried it or polished it yet & it still shines like it has just come out of the show room The alloys are a nightmare but it helps that mine are black lol
  15. Is This A Good Deal?

    BrumBrum I presume this is on ford options? From memory at the end of the 2 years you have 3 options 1, hand the car back and walk away with nothing 2, pay the remaining finance £6900 and the car is yours 3, use the equity in the car as a deposit for your next ford, doing this they will normally offer you more than the future minimum value. Remember that talking out an agreement like this there is a maximum number of miles you can drive it each year without getting charged a per mile premium. You can choose how many miles you are allowed to drive but increasing the allowed mileage will change your finance payments and minimum future value. 4, another option at the end of the 2 years is to change to another make of car, if they are offering you a better trade in price for your car. Just as in No 3 above they will pay off the finance with ford and you can use the balance as a deposit. But in answer to your original question, yeah I think that this is a good deal & I agree why should you pay less of a deposit. A larger deposit means less finance.