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  1. black smoke

    Maybe just one more thing to check, simple one: Check the tube that connects EGR valve and Intercooler. It cracks easily on all Turbodiesels and results in loss of power and black smoke.
  2. The only thing I can think of is the rubber tube that connects Intercooler and EGR Valve. Don't ask me where it is as I'm still waiting for my first Ford (Mondeo) to arrive but by what you've described it's tipical turbodiesel fault. I've had the same problem on my previous Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI with just 20.000 km on the clock. Just go to some local mechanic and ask him to check the tube for cracks. You should change it even if it looks OK, it's very cheap, just piece of rubber. If you have many miles on the clock (like 80.000 or more) you'll need good cleaning of EGR Valve as well.
  3. Order delivery time

    That's great news. Please, see if yours comes with USB plug in glove compartment and let me know, as when placing order there was no USB as option anymore and dealer said it comes with it as standard now. Thanks
  4. Order delivery time

    At this point, Western Europe delivery estimate vary between 8 and 16 weeks. Trust me, it's good. At the second half of 2008, due many orders and strike at Genk factory, delivery was up to 25 weeks. Since September 2008, russian factory is producing Mondeo for Eastern Europe market so delivery is down to 8-16 weeks. Ford sales got down 48% since beginning of the year but they are still working hard to deliver 2008 orders. I have placed my order at 21st of January 2009 and, as dealar said, should have my car delivered last week this month (April).
  5. Ford mondeo difficult to start.

    Sounds like compression problem. If your car always starts fine when engine is cold but problems show up when engine hot, it should be compression issue. There is nothing you can do by yourself. Take it to garage, it can be any good independent mechanic.
  6. Steering/suspension

    I would say 99% that your problem is with tyres or even rims. So, first step would be to balance all 4 wheels. If the problem is still there, swap wheels front/back. I mean, put back wheels on the front and front on the back. If problem is gone, you have the answer. Just one more thing. Don't do balance and swapping at the same time because that way you wouldn't know if one of your wheels is damaged and which one.
  7. rear heated screen not working

    In most cases the problem is with the fuse. Check your Owners Manuals to find the fuse and replace it.
  8. I'm new arround here. Still driving Skoda Octavia Sport 2.0 TDI '06. I've just placed the order for Mondeo TdCI 2.0 Titanium. As extras, I've ordered tinted windows, 6CD's Sony HU, Bluetooth with voice control, Bi-Xenons, Alarm, Stardust Silver colour. As standard, Titanium brings some toys that were extras in 2008: Front and rear parking sensors, Auto Lights, Auto Wipers... So, this is just to say hello to all other members. As dealer said, waiting would be up to 90 days but possibly 65-75 days. We'll see. By the way, I live in south of Portugal.