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  1. Wheel Noise When Steering To Right

    Cheers guys! Thought as much from reading other posts but usually the information supplied was a bit vague so thought I'd try and get as much detail down as poss. Will check em out tomorrow (yet another christmas eve job!).
  2. Hi! My 2001 Focus 1.6i has started making a noise which gets louder when turning right (not necessarily big turns, just changing motorway lanes does it too). It is also slightly there when driving straight, and the car wants to pull very slightly left. - There is no vibration through the steering wheel. - The tracking has been done fairly recently and the tyres are fairly new and balanced. - There is very slight wear to inner edge right (offside) front wheel. - Stays straight when braking. - Noise increases with speed (at 60 it sounds a bit like a washing machine slowing from its spin cycle) - Both wheels have very slight play side to side (9-3) - The left (nearside) wheel has slight play up and down (12-6) - not particularly visible but I can feel it moving Any ideas as to what this might be? Thank you!
  3. Hi! When I bought my used focus it had a heated windscreen fitted but no switching inside for it (it's not the top model - they must've mistakenly ordered the heated screen to replace a broken one at some time). I'd like to make some use of it... would it be possible to wire it into the switch for the heated rear screen so it switches both? Cheers!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Maff :)