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  1. Hi thanks for your reply, i know i’m a bit late on the answer but I don’t check the email i used for this account that much. I do agree on many of your points as they are quite similar to the thoughts I had myself. But some of the things you mention should not be a problem. Wheels, actually the standard tire on my model was a 215/60-16 and today the 163 hp engine do sell with the 205/55-16 tire. But besides this I run 18” in the summer so that should not be a concern except for the fact that I need to get tires with a higher speed grade for my winter tires. 8 valves, this is not an issue my engine is 16 valve. It was only the 1,8 tdci that was 8 valve (at least when I bought mine) Intercooler, as far as I know I have a intercooler on my car, but I agree it might be smaller than the one on the 163 hp edition. Turbo I do agree that this might be one of the ways ford could have saved some money by fitting a smaller turbo. Unfortunately I cannot find any sites selling original turbo or intercoolers so I cannot do a check on those parts. I have compared other parts such as suspension, brakes etc and most of them seems to be identical on all 2.0 TDCI’s FOCA>>I it would be nice if it was actually true but I would tend to believe that the 140 hp version is the standard as the 163 version was introduced later.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, and dont worry you are not bursting any bubbles as I’m quite skeptical myself. If you read my question again you can actually see that I’m interested in finding out if there are other differences between my car and the larger variants other than settings in the ECU. I would myself expect that there are some differences but also some similarities. As I understand it The Econetic 2,0 115 HP has basicly the same engine as the larger 140 and 163 hp. I also understand that is produced in limited numbers as it was target to get below 140 g CO2 which in some countries equates to a lower tax rate. So it could be that it was cheaper for Ford to simply detune a 140 hp version than doing big changes to a model they knew would be exchanged with the new 1,6l engine. However finding complete parts list is impossible so I was hoping some of you might have the information. The only difference I aware of is that my car actually has a 10 mm lower suspension than the 140 hp version in order to reduce air resistance. buying the more powerful car s not an option. As I said I live in a car unfriendly country and a 163 hp version cost almost 48.000 pound. And since I might only get 20.000 pounds for my current it is not an option.
  3. Hi Guys this is my first post but i have read the site on and off for some time. I am so unfortunate to live in a country that hate cars and therefore taxes them quite hard. So I did what most people do I bought the entry level 2010 Mondeo TDCI 2.0 with 115 HP wich even after a big discount cost over 34.000 £ . I’m happy with the car but I wish I had the cash to buy a more powerful version. Therefore I have been looking at getting the car chip tuned for a while now. The standard tuning with the boxes offer me about 25 extra HP and a more flat Torque curve. The boxes all have in common that the different versions of the 2.0 gain the same 25-30 hp. But then I found BSR Tuning which offers ODB tuning and promises that my car would have 199 HP after the tune. This is just phenomenal and would turn my rather slow car into a rocket (at least by my standards :-) But I have worries about such a high increase in power because isn’t there other difrences betreen a 115, 140 and a 163 HP 2.0 TDCI than the values in the ECU? Also how about the brakes clutch etc. So I was wondering if any of you have experience with this tune or have information about the physical difference for the different models of 2.0 TDCI’s You can find the tune kit here http://www.bsr-tuning.co.uk/products/t2275/ i know it says not available but they are already selling it in other countries so i hope that some of you have experience.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums TomDK :)