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  1. Puzzling Central Locking Problems

    I was thinking that, the lock definitely isn't broken because it can be heard operating, so, I guess I need to get inside that door and have a look! How do I get into the door? Never taken the cards off a Fiesta before! :(
  2. Puzzling Central Locking Problems

    Confusingly, the remote is talking to the car again absolutely fine, but the drivers door lock isnt working, thing is I can still hear the lock making noises for lock and unlock, but the door doesnt physically lock, could it be as simple as a broken cable or connection in the door?
  3. Puzzling Central Locking Problems

    Well I tried this and also the radio frequency key reprogram sequence from the manual just now, I expected something to happen but no directional indicators flashed, after the reprogram sequence the passenger door would lock with the button on the remote, but only if it was held down for about 10 seconds or so, the drivers door made a sound but remained unlocked, and when pressing the unlock button, nothing happened to either door :(
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with the central locking on my MK6 - Drivers door lock does not operate with a press of the remote button (a noise is made by the lock which i assume to be the deadlock but the door remains locked) - Since that problem happened, a new one began, I started using the key alone to unlock the car, but continued to use the button to open the boot lid, the new problem is that the remote will not operate any locks the majority of the time, I have changed the remote battery but its as if the remote is not contacting the receiver in the car I hope someone can offer help! Thanks
  5. Mk6 Instrument Cluster Problems

    Can anyone help?
  6. Dials Not Working When Car First Started

    Im having a similar problem to this, the instrument cluster doesnt wake up for a few seconds after starting the car, but does produce a few ECU fault codes, beginning to wonder whats up with it :/
  7. I also have this problem but it is coupled with a weird static/crackling noise :S and some fault codes on the ecu, I havent changed the stereo though :(
  8. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help me :) Since I bought the fiesta about 2/3 weeks ago, there has been a weird 'static/crackling' noise coming from the instrument cluster when the engine is started, along with this noise, all the lcd screens on the cluster fade out, after a few seconds, the screens come back on, the dials spring to life and the noise stops, the cluster then continues to work until the car is switched off We have started to troubleshoot this as obviously its a little worrying, so firstly we plugged a diagnostic machine into the socket, it came back with a few fault codes which are a bit puzzling: 1.CAN communication bus fault 2.Fuel level sensor circuit 3.Vehicle speed sensor circuit 4.Lost communication with instrument panel for 5 seconds or less 5.Battery voltage too high for a short period of time Obviously I cant remember the exact fault codes but those were the faults that appeared on screen The ECU reckons that the fuel level is about 70%, but the cluster is only showing about 40% left Nobody seems to be able to come up with any knowledge of this problem and I would be grateful if anyone on this forum can help me with this, is it the cluster? Or is it a faulty electronic module? Bad relay? Thanks in advance Ben
  9. Hello - New User

    Hi, my names Ben, I'm new on this forum, just bought a 2004 Fiesta Flame, very happy with it but there are a few problems I need help with! I hope you can help me out :) Thanks Ben
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums BenM508 :)