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  1. Introducing Myself And My Car

    Welcome to the club buddy from one newbie to another. I dont envy you starting out driving in this day and age..cant believe what those leeches of insurance companies charge young drivers...keep your nose clean and enjoy the road. :)
  2. New Focus Owner

    Just a quick hello to you all from a new focus owner. After 5 years of driving a Lexus is200 ive decided to trade it in for a 2010 focus 1.6 zetec with the sports package. Ive really enjoyed reading many of the posts on the forum and hope to participate in a few. Heres to many years of enjoyable driving.
  3. High Pitched Elecrical Noise

    Hello guys.I hope someone can help me with a problem ive got with my Focus 2010 1.6 zetec. I bought the car last Wednesday from a Ford dealership and enjoyed three days hassle free driving. I noticed a high pitched elecrical sound coming from the drivers side of the car when the engine was running...alarm bells started to ring.The following morning the battery had discharged.I took the car back to the dealership who put it on the diagnostic machine and said no faults were showing so i had nothing to worry about!! Is this a normal characteristic of the car or something more sinister as im new to Ford ownership. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums filleruptreacle :)