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  1. Dpf On 1.6 Tdci

    Sadly I haven't got a Forscan, I don't have a laptop to use so needed an independant device. I got a Maxiscan MS309. With it looking like I'd need a new dpf, and I know a garage that will fit parts for me rather than them buying, if I search on eBay for something like 'Ford Focus 1.6 TCDI DPF' would I find exactly what I am looking for - or are there many different versions and I'd need to find a specific part number for my car?
  2. Dpf On 1.6 Tdci

    Sadly limp mode is still there. After a drive I checked the scanner again and the secondary P242F code was back with the engine management light. I am hoping its full of something other than ash, just it doesn't know the difference. How do you get it to do an active regen, rather than passive?
  3. Dpf On 1.6 Tdci

    I finally managed to get a hold of a scanner, eBay seller failed to post it, so got a full refund and he delivered anyway. 5 codes P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction Ash Accumulation P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor A P1934 - Manufacturer Control U0073 - Control Module Communication Bus Off P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction Ash Accumulation (again) I cleared the codes and now only the one P242F shows. I haven't driven it yet but the engine management light isn't lit up anymore so it may be out of limp mode, although can't be certain yet. I plan to take it for a drive out later tonight when the road is clearer to see if I can get it to regen if possible.
  4. Dpf On 1.6 Tdci

    I've purchased an '06 Ford Focus 1.6 TCDI Sport on the very cheap end. The reason it was so cheap is that the engine management light is on, currently in limp mode so 3k revs is its max and was told that the garage he took it to has said the DPF would be the cause but gave no fault codes. I have tried checking to see if there was any fault codes using the self-diagnostic 'trick' but there apparently is none. When I bought the car I factored in the cost of a DPF and was still a good deal, but is there anything I can check to confirm? or other possible causes?
  5. Y Reg Ka - Locking

    If water had got into it what would the best way of going about fixing it? remove the door card and use a hair dryer to remove the moisture, put it back together and try and seal it up a bit better? ... or had the water already buggered it? Hopefully it can be sorted before the lovely winter downpours. As for the radio, I'll have a look over the weekend. Cheers.
  6. I just bought a KA for the other half last night, with a car of this age it has a few issues, most of which I can deal with myself. Two main ones I noticed on the way home, need a little advice. Firstly the car seems to want to lock it's self all the time. When trying to unlock the car from the outside we have to hold the key turned to the left in order to open the door. When the door is open we can hear the locking mechanism constantly trying to lock the door and clicking, when closing the door it automatically locks back. Basically if we close the door when the keys are in the car we are screwed! Same issue when opening the door from the inside, thankfully pulling the door handle unlocks it. Apparently this was all fine when she bought it, I did not see as I was sorting out insurance as she was shown the car. Second issue being when we first started the car the radio was fine. Bought the car. Popped to the shops in my car while we got supplies. When we went to drive off we got no signal on the radio, no stations were picked up at all. Any advice welcomed. Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Ascen :)