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  1. Radio Fascia

    Hi, I have an 07 108 TDCi Ghia, the radio fascia is wood effect but I would like to change it out for silver or similiar does anybody know where I can get one from. I have seen plenty of fascias for putting in single din stereos but I am planning on keeping the orginal stereo. Thanks
  2. Radio Reception

    Hi, I just bought an 07 Focus TDCi Ghia, it has the sony radio but it will not seek and find any radio stations. I can tune in manually but when I'm driving the reception keeps coming and going. Is this common? Also, cannot seem to find an RDS for the stereo Thanks
  3. Whistle from Windscreen

    Hi, Just bought an 07 Focus TDCi Ghia, was driving on the dual carriageway and noticed a really bad whistleing noise seeming to come from teh front windscreen. Has anybody had this problem or know what it is Thanks
  4. How to remove 6000 CD from 07 Focus

    I had a look that site but could not find them, any links or photos to help out cheers
  5. How to remove 6000 CD from 07 Focus

    Only trying to help, I'm very sure anybody wanting to nick them would already know how they come out. Don't see why people should try and help others out when they get responses like you sent. There are plenty of other guides on this form showing how other stereos can be removed, so I don't see any harm in what I did.
  6. Hi all, Following my earlier post about needing help to remove stereo. I had a look today and managed to figure it out. The large silver fascia surronding the stereo simply unclips (bit of a pain as it's very tight and need to be careful not to break it). I unclipped it by using a ten pen piece (screwdriver might mark plastic fascia) That then exposes 4 screws, undo them and the stereo simply pulls out Just thought you might like to know
  7. Hi, Does anybody know how to remove a 6000CD head unit from an 07 Focus TDCi. I have had a look but there are no slots for use with the normal removal tools, all there is is a small bit of silver trim. Thanks
  8. Replacment for 6000CD

    Hi all, Can anybody recommend an aftermarket replacemnt for the 6000CD installed in my 07 Focus. Thanks