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  1. hi all i have a st170 focus 52 plate the 12v charger not working iv checked the fuse it seems ok ????? any ideas please
  2. my 2003 tdci mondeo cuts out ,, as soon as glow plug starts flashing engine cuts out happened last Thursday doing 80 mph on way to work (scary ) then AA came out told me cam sensor so they replaced it then Friday night on way home from work again cuts out got recovery to garage ,, today cut out again ?????? garage could find nothing ,,, now gone to ford dealership to look at ,, not looking good :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  3. scangauge not suitable for my car im told ,, wont work only from 2004 onwards ???? the suggest i try somebody elses to try it first lol
  4. cancel the cooking oil i think lol ,,, cheers all
  5. so really i could buy oil from cash and carry and put straight in ,,,, would it affect the car ???
  6. just wondering could you run a mondeo tdci mk3 off cooking oil ???? ;) ;)
  7. How to identify EURO 3 type EURO 4 type below If the vacuum type valve has one electrical plug on it, then it should be treated as a Euro 4 Note the piggy back motor, and it should not be unplugged when the plate is fitted When EGR valve sticks open air supplied to engine by turbo above 1800rpm is diverted into exhaust pipe by stuck open EGR valve, engine management system thinks all this air is going into engine (detected by MAF mass air flow sensor which is located near air filter outlet) so EMS injects fuel to match air it thinks is going into engine, this results in too little air and too much fuel which = Black Smoke.Fitting blanking plate blocks air going back to exhaust so all air boost from turbo goes to engine to burn with fuel. Also stops exhaust going into the engine, which also makes it smoke, and lowers fuel consumption.
  8. i dont have anything on my indicator stalk ,,,i dont have any idea what "ScangaugeIl is i will google now
  9. sounds good Lenny cheers lets see ehhh ;) ;) ;)
  10. cheers Lenny ,,dezwez ,, i bought the mondeo like that not sure if lowered , im looking to do a few simple but subtle mods to her all iv done so far is blank egr off ,,wow what a difference in power and no smoke simple but very effective
  11. Hi just wondering if anyone can help , my 2003 mondeo tdci temp gauge sticks halfway i turn engine off stays there , i then tap dash a few times needle will then drop , turn key in ignition needle will bounce straight back to halfway point ,, i phone local ford dealership was told needs new cluster at cost of £435 plus vat and labour ,, any help please im hopeless with these things . cheers martin
  12. hi iv just put an egr blank plate in and stopped all smoke ,, now getting better acceleration and better fuel economy