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  1. I have 2002 Fiesta Finesse 1.4 6 Months ago it was running very rough so I replace the sparkplugs, ht leads and coil pack and this fixed the problem however a month later the timing belt slipped which damaged a valve. On inspection the garage discovered the oil hadn’t been changed in years and it was like lumpy black goo. Oil was changed valve replaced and timing belt fixed. Now this is the problem I have been having lately The car started juddering when accelerating and the engine warning light came on so I checked the ht leads and one had become loose however the metal part of the lead was still attached to the plug. Eventually the lead was replaced and the metal removed from the plug Car has stopped juddering but the engine light was still on so I checked the oil and it was just below the minimum mark. Topped up oil but engine warning is still on and for the past week it idles rough and makes a blowing noise when excelerating. Exhust system is about 8 months old. Has anyone got any ideas I really can’t afford another large garage bill
  2. Will I Need A New Clutch?

    Thank for the reply im just confused that the clutch is not at floor level it about 5 inches above the other pedals.
  3. Will I Need A New Clutch?

    I have a ford Fiesta 2002 reg. My wife was driving it and all of a sudden the clutch pedal jumped up and now it won't go into gear. The clutch is now raised above all the other pedals and there is no pressure. Any ideas and repair cost involved? Thanks
  4. Fiesta Will Not Start When Cold.

    Could it still be the battery even if it turns over? Thanks
  5. I have a 2002 ford fiesta finesse. When it is cold in the mornings it will not start. It turns over and starts for a split second the cuts out. Starts fine when temp outside is normal. The coolant level was below minimum so I have topped it up. I have also changed ht leads and spark plugs. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Spark Plug Firing Order?

    My fiesta 02 is playing up, juddering when excelerating and hard to start on cold mornings. I have changed the ht leads and spark plugs but I can hear an arcing noise and I do not know where it is coming from. Does anyone know the firing order from the dizzy cap? I have looked at diagrams on the net but I cannot make out how you read the distributor firing order as mine faces the back of the engine. Do you read it standing from the front of the car or a passengers view as most diagrams the dizzy is facing upwards. Thanks
  7. Fiesta 02 Problems

    Ok I have changed the plugs but no change. Will go through the rest thanks
  8. Fiesta 02 Problems

    Hi, I'm having a some problems with my finesse it's an 02 plate. As money is tight I thought I would try here first. My first problem is when idle the revs are all over the place. I have squirted the idle control valve with wd40 but it has made no difference. The second problem is in damp cold weather it takes 3 or four tries to start. It turns over fine the engine starts then it cuts out. The engine management light is on as well. Also what spanner do I need to change the spark plugs as they are at the back of the engine and difficult to get to? Many thanks.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Grayson99 :)