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  1. trip meter staying on

    thanks will look at that
  2. trip meter staying on

    hi i have a small problem our 2009 focus has started to leave the trip meter on it dose not do it all the time and i notice it does it less if i lock the steering. any ideas what i need to change or fix it drained the battery after a few days i dont have key-less entry or any thing like that. thanks for any help
  3. Trip Computer

    hi sorry if this has been asked before. i had the battery off my 2009 tdci over night for a charge and now when ever i start the car the dash/trip computer goes to curnt mpg even though i leave it on how many miles i have left. it used to stay on this before but now it goes back to the currnt mpg. any ideas is there a way to set it up thanks
  4. Door Locking

    for some reason the search is not working on my phone or id have looked paul. and thank you neil willl look into that ;-)
  5. Door Locking

    hi guys not sure if this has been asked before if so sorry ;-) im wondering if i can set my 2009 focus to lock the doors when i drive off ie 10mph
  6. Wheels Making Contact With Body

    is it both that rub or just the one
  7. Advice When Buying A Mk1 Focus

    id think he would be better off looking at the 1.8tdci imo much better enging we have had one for 3 years no problems at all only selling it as we had to get a 5 door really are good cars
  8. Rear Door

    ford had a qwick look and said door rubbers looked good and cant see them going withing 6 years really just thought it maybe an adjustment of some sort as my old audi all you had to do was slacken the screws on the part fixed to the wheel arch move it where you wanted it job done this ford is not like that so was wondering if it was on the door side of things but it must be able to do it some how as its not pulling in as far as it should ;-(
  9. Rear Door

    hi every one im looking to adjust the rear door on our mk2 2009 focus as you can hear wind some times as if the window is very slightly open but i cant see any obvious way thanks
  10. Meguiar's Ultimate Compound And Swirls...

    if you have used Meguiars Ultimate Compound best thing to finish with is Meguiars speed glaze will leave it looking like glass then you put what ever protcion you are using on ;-)
  11. Sound Deadening

    oh right so some of this first http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silent-Coat-2mm-10-Sheets-Car-Van-Vibration-Sound-Proofing-Damping-Mat-/161282941044?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item258d366074
  12. Detailing Products

    i use jetseal 109 for work after iv buffed them to remove the swirl marks last up to 12 months on the car and give a good shine also
  13. Sound Deadening

    would this be any good guys see link i have just picked up our 2009 2.0L tdci and have to say its not bad at all after coming from a 2002 audi a4 tdi witch i feel could have been better the tyer noise was not the best and the wind noise from the front windscreen was a big let down. the focus seems better to me on the motor way but i may end up doing this myself http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-sheets-Car-Van-Sound-Proofing-Deadening-6mm-Insulation-Closed-Cell-Foam-/161217058453?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2589491695
  14. Daytime Running Light

    thanks james will have a look now
  15. Daytime Running Light

    hey every one sorry if this has been asked before we pick up our 2009 focus on sat just wondring if any one has put day time running lights on any of theres if so where is a good place and what ones pics would be good ;-) and best way to wier them in thanks