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  1. I have 4 alloy wheels for a ford 4 stud with new winter tyres £120 any interest phone 07487816744

  2. Hello people i'm interested to know if i can swop from the factory fitted alloys over to steel rims. The current tyre sizes are 195/45/16 and i have a spare wheel which is 195/50/15. looking at the fiesta studio model which does not come with alloys these are fitted with 15 inch rims. The question is what repercussions will have if i down sized my wheels for example weight and speedo reading. The reason for this is due to hitting a pot hole on an already repaired alloy wheel which means at least replacing 1 or 2 alloys. Main dealer quotes 200 in vat per wheel ! For around 300 quid i can get steel rims and tyres and not need to worry too much about the state of the uk roads as steel is more durable.
  3. Its worth also checking coolant if fan is staying on, also i've noticed on my 1.6tdci uk model that sometimes the fan can stay on draining the battery, apprently a common problem. Also where you fill up can make a difference.
  4. Hi i have just had my timing belt fitted by a mechanic in june 2016 on a diesel 2009 1.6TDCI fiesta. This was done at less than 84,000 Since then the fuel seems to not last as long, although it has been a while since i filled it full to the brim. Due to usage and costs i've been running it on supermarket diesel and generally filling up from empty (fuel light on less than 50 miles) to half a tank. I used to run on BP and BP Ultimate. After zeroing the MPG and using for a week with £15 of BP ultimate it did read as getting 55 MPG so could be psychological. Im starting to log miles per trip after every fill up moving forward. Can anyone offer advice please ?
  5. I've had my fiesta a while its done 135k on an X plate. Recently I noticed that the heaters are not getting as warm as they used to, which is bad heading into winter . They only seemed to get warmer when the engine was revved I know that the heater control valve can be suspect but mine does go hot and cold. I had an 88 degrees thermostat in it so changed this to the 92 degree one, radiator and thermostat housing has been changed. The questions I have are : How do you know if the heater matrix needs changing ? What the correct method for bleeding the system, is it method a or b ? A : Run engine with expansion cap off till fan cuts in ? B : Run engine with expansion cap on till fan cuts in let cool and top up ? Whats the best way of clearing an airlock ? Also there is no temperature gauge on the car and the warning light has never come on, but does light up just before starting the car so i know it works. Thanks in advance.
  6. Agreed that is the heater control valve, whilst its off if you have not already may be worth draining and flushing the system to clear it all out. You'll need to make sure you don't have any air locks as well. Also make a note of how and where the pipes fit not sure what happens if you get them the wrong way round!!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums agenttech47 :)