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  1. Happy Birthday PaulE!

  2. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Nope, You can take the pay out minus salvage. Insurers are offering £400 salvage, I can get £800. I know, I'm just somewhat sentimental towards that car, It was my first ever car, I'm proud of it :( haha
  3. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    I've seen it, but it's just not the same :( I don't like that red. I went to collect my head unit from the car the other day, it was a sad, almost funeral like day..
  4. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Woohoo - back on this account. but yep, no car.
  5. Focus Zetec S Mud Flaps

    Do the rear wheels have to come off to fit the back ones?
  6. My First Of Many Mods Hopefully :)

    I was thinking about getting these alloys too, where did you buy them?
  7. Whats The Difference ?

    If you're gonna change to a sony, why not pay a little more and change to a decent double din, fully featured unit?
  8. Had Car Remapped.

    Stupid question maybe, but can a petrol not be re-mapped?
  9. Ford Focus Mk2 Day Time Running Lights

    FYI, see these; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HELLA-LED-daytime-running-lights-Ford-Focus-II-full-set-/150497946978?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item230a606d62&_uhb=1 but £200! pfft.
  10. Hello, I've seen posts for MK2.5 DRL's, etc. Is it possible to add DRL's to a focus MK2? Paul
  11. Alloy Wheels

    Where would I begin to find a set of 18" White ST Alloys then? Copy. I'll have a little look at them
  12. Awsome Gearstick

    I can only imagine it has some sort of programming button, like a small reset tab that you poke with a pin. I then imagine that it goes through each gear individually, and makes you shift to it, and leave it there for 5/6 seconds, and then an onboard accelerometer learns the position of that particular gear, before requesting you move on to the next. I'm tempted, just found a video of one on a fiesta mk7.
  13. Alloy Wheels

    I'd be keen to see this. Anyone got links to sites selling copy alloys, or should I ebay? Paul
  14. Insurance For Young Drivers...

    23. Been driving four months, no ncd. Put my girlfriend on who has 5 years NCD as a named driver. £1850 per year, £2100 after paying yearly. Tesco Car Insurance. Prices ranged up to 12k. 1.8litre 2006 Focus MK2 Climate.
  15. What Tyres Should I Buy?

    I'm currently working on www.neednewtyres.com. I'm a freelance webdesigner. I can speak to Nick, the owner and see if they can offer an exclusive discount to FOC if anyone is interested? Paul