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  1. Beth19

    File Format Not Supported?

    How do u check that? Sorry if I sound thick :/
  2. Beth19

    Cone Filter On A Metal?

    Haha I don't think I could bring myself to put a hole in it lol :) think I might go for the filter with heat shield ;) sounds a little more girl proof for me to do haha :)
  3. Has anyone else had this problem with a metal? When i put my usb in and try to play it maybe 2 out of 100 songs work and all the rest say 'file format not supported' all my files are the same format so how come a few songs play but not all. I didn't have this problem on my 60 plate zetec and the stereo Is the same on my 62 metal :/
  4. Beth19

    Cone Filter On A Metal?

    Just wondering has anyone tried to fit a cone filter on the fiesta metal? As when I tried fitting mine the map sensor is attached to the airbox and it throws up the engine management light when turned on. Anyone know how to get around this problem?
  5. Beth19

    Suttle Changes?

    Thanks guys :) I have different coloured badges on my wheels that was my 1st change haha. That's a good idea think I will change my footwell lights next, I had white in my old zetec :) I had rear parking sensors to and I do miss them, I didn't realise how much I depended on them so that might be on the cards to :) lol my windows are tinted but I would like them a little darker :) oh and i fitted some blue'er bulbs the other day. I don't want to do drastic changes just little ones :) thanks I love it best car iv had :) thanks for the help guys much appreciated.
  6. Beth19

    Suttle Changes?

    Hiya iv got a white fiesta metal and just wondering what mods you guys have done to your fiestas :) I don't mean drastic changes just little things, iv got wind deflectors and changed my badges to black already. Just curious as to what else would look quite smart without making drastic changes :) bare in mind I'm a girl that is a car novice haha ;)
  7. Beth19

    Cd And Usb Problem

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem on the fiesta metal, some tracks on my usb don't play and it just shows the message file format not supported, but some work (all being mp3 files), same on some of my cd's.. Im not to clever with technology and things like that but does it mean that i need to change the files from mp3 or is it my car thats being stubborn?
  8. Beth19

    Hi :)

    Hiya im Beth, Im 19 from bolton.. iv recently got my new fiesta metal after having the 1.25 zetec for 2 years :)
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Beth19 :)

    1. Beth19


      Thanks Steve, gunna have a play and try and get use to it haha :)