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  1. Focus 1.6Tdci Should I?

    From what I gather this, and the 90bhp version both suffer from turbo issues so it's something to be wary of as you say. I read that it's down to both insufficient oil supply due to the feed pipe becoming blocked and also a faulty injector seal on cylinder 3 allowing diesel to get into the oil if memory serves. Makes it sludgy and thus prone to repeat failure unless the leak is fixed and the sump is removed and cleaned out etc. Hoping the later 115 version that I have doesn't suffer the same fate......
  2. Mk3 Focus Titanium Alloys

    Do the silver surround ones improve your mpg? :) Re the tramlining though, this is the 3rd car on the trot I've had with electro power steering and the only one that's tramlined. It's more twitchy than previous cars admittedly as not much movement on the wheel causes a lot of movement on the road but the tramlining itself is different - easily on par with my old 1992 320i as that wandered all over the place with grooves on the road.
  3. Mk3 Focus Titanium Alloys

    Ooh, I don't know. :) All I know is I've got a Tit with the convenience pack, appearance pack and 18's as options. Think it might be the appearance pack as that gives the rear tints etc too so maybe part of that? EDIT - Just seen, maybe not based on other cars with rear tints. God knows then! I didn't get the car new - it's a fleet one 6 months old that was quite highly specced up. Forgot to mention nav too as that's another option it has.
  4. Mk3 Focus Titanium Alloys

    I've got the appearance pack and that's rear tints, front park, keyless entry - things like that. 18"s are another separate option. Gotta say they do transform the look of the car but I find they tramline a bit.
  5. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    I'm now up to 49 mpg and that's a combination of m'way, some town and back roads where the car was driven a bit harder. Think that's dropped to 48 after the wife used it yesterday to get to work (stuck in traffic in Leeds). Still not all that great to be honest considering I had more powerful cars that could do better, but after this discussion it's probably the fact they were more powerful that enabled that greater economy, ironically enough. :(
  6. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    I was up to 49.1 too as of last night although the computer is optimistic compared to how fast the needle drops.....
  7. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Yeah this seems to be a common theme - considering it's only a 1.6 I can't understand why it struggles to get above late 40's. My mates C30 D5 2.4 gets the same mpg and that has 180bhp, my wifes chipped 1.9 Fabia VRS gets the same mpg with 160bhp and my old chipped 2.0 Octavia VRS with 205bhp got the same mpg. Even my bosses new 320d with 184bhp gets 60 to the gallon all day long. Admittedly all have higher emissions and VED as a result but it's still quite poor. The only way i seem able to get "decent" mpg from the Focus is by sitting at 60mph on a flat road - a slight hill ruins it as you have to breathe on the throttle and the instantaneous mpg drops to the 30's. Trouble is the handbook says the figures they put out are not meant to represent real world mpg so they've covered themselves there. Still shameful though - it's even got the "Econectic Technology" badge on the back of mine. Pfft. I'm certain the reason why it's so bad on fuel is the lack of torque and the emphasis on emissions. They've tuned it that way and it makes it terrible in reality.
  8. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Yeah I'm up to 48mpg now that it's settled down a bit. Cold weather isn't helping but I get the feeling doing some reading that in the aim of reducing emissions (Co2 and NoX) they retarded the injector timing and made it run ultra lean. Means more lag, less torque overall and reduced economy in the real world where the roads have gradients etc. This is why a remap for example can give more power AND mpg (on diesels) as it completely disregards emissions. It does this by advancing the injector timing and applying more fuel and boost which reduces spool up time on the turbo, increases exhaust gas temps, increases torque (meaning less throttle or revs are needed) and that means it's more efficient at low to normal RPM - obviously at WOT when booting it then the increased fuelling will be worse and this matches my experience of remaps. Trouble is increased egt's means more NoX etc and manufacturers can't do that because of the EU/ world's war on emissions. Was an interesting read.
  9. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Collected this morning. It's now much smoother and less laggy/ jumpy in 1st and 2nd gears where it felt they'd deliberately made it so. Probably for emissions which it seems this car is geared towards. MPG up from 42 to about 46 driven the same and it seems to be getting better whilst making less effort the more it's driven so it's clear the battery has been off and / or it's been flashed as it's learning. Also seems more eager to rev which is another thing I'm expecting to improve as it loosens up. Well worth asking the dealer if you're on the latest map if you have any concerns over the way it drives or mpg - don't expect miracles but it it could help a little. Main thing I think this car needs though is more torque which will help improve mpg as you won't have to apply as much throttle or revs to make progress, and it'll take hills easier. I get the distinct impression they mapped it so that it was minimal emissions, maximum test conditions mpg (flat, 6th gear, minimal throttle) and that sacrificed torque which in turn sacrificed real world mpg as that has like, hills and stuff. :)
  10. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Well just spoken to the dealer. Steering wheel was a wiring issue which also explains the keyless entry spazzing out as they're linked apparently. Also on the mpg/ hesitation front they've flashed a new map onto it. We shall see.
  11. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Hmm, ok thanks for the info. I've owned a number of diesels before including Pug 405 1.9D Pug 405 1.9TD Pug 306 2.0 HDi Citroen Xantia 1.9TD Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 TDi Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TDi And then this.....it's my 14th car overall (I've not included the petrols in the above list). So far it's been the most juicy to be honest (for example I had to rag the Octavia to get it down to early 40's) but based on what people are saying it may well be down to a running in process as it is only just breaking the 3000 mile point. I read somewhere else that these engines take quite a while to run in - the Octavia was pretty much loosened up by about 5k. As I say I'm not expecting 67mpg or anything close but I was expecting more than 42 - something like 50 perhaps based on the engine size and power. I'll give it some time. :) Also I commute 74 miles a day down the M62/ A1 so I am well in diesel territory. Re the buttons, Ford have now had to take the steering wheel off and keep it for an extra day. Think this is more than a software issue...... As for the rest we'll see when I collect it. Cheers, Chris.
  12. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Trouble is this isn't just lower than the manufacturers claims but actually quite poor in general. 42mpg average for a 1.6 diesel producing moderate levels of power is awful in the scheme of things and as such there must be something amiss. The fact it's 25mpg lower than the manufacturers claims (which encouraged me to buy the car) are just adding insult to injury. :( We'll see what Ford say - it's in there today having this and a few other things looked at including: Steering wheel buttons not working Keyless entry sometimes freaks out - it tries to lock itself rather than unlock when you grab the handle Occasional hesitation on the m'way after applying power
  13. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Now that I'd be happy with. Only got 370 miles to 3/4 of a tank so far - works out at 42mpg and that's mostly m'way at a straight 70mph with a bit of town here and there. Abysmal considering I've lost 95bhp and even that was giving me 46 - 49mpg.
  14. 1.6 Tdci 115 - Low Mpg

    Hmm, been reading about Fiesta owners with the same issues and Ford applying an ECU update which transforms it. 25mpg lower than advertised is horrendous though and for 115bhp, 42mpg is utter garbage. BMW can get 60mpg out of a 320d, and VAG fare better too still giving late 40's/ early 50's with way more poke than this. It's booked in tomorrow for the steering wheel buttons to be fixed so I'll have a word/ rant. If there is an ECU update then I want it applying. Mileage wise, yeah I'm expecting it to rise a bit as time goes by - I'd say about 10k and it'll be run in properly. Was like that on the Octy.