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  1. Car Troubles :(

  2. Fiesta 04 Problem

    Hi all, Im new here I have myself a Blue Ford Finesse 04 - 1.25 3DR petrol. Ive had it roughly a year now with no issues what so ever, but over the weekend i had some strange things happen and now its impossible to drive my car. Friday Night i got in car and the Rev counter wasnt working, i set off and then the engine management light came on which was an even bigger worry. I went to the petrol station filled up my car and started the Engine the rev counter still wasnt working but the engine management light had gone off. Got up saturday and all was fine rev counter working and no engine management light, needless to say i didnt think anything of it and drove my car all weekend. Got up this morning and set off to work to find that i could drive and go up gear but if i wanted to the change down gear this was impossible i could not go down gear with brute force or having to stop completly then i could select gear at ease and start driving again with no issues until i wanted to go down gear again. I was wondering if any of you guys/girls on here know what might be wrong with this and roughly how much it will set me back. im expecting a call from Ford tomorrow as their service department is now closed :( but any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Matt
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Hibbi86 :)