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  1. Here is my current Problem I had my car using 3.5 litres of oil in 1 week and only using a small amount of coolant so i ripped the head off and i found with ther are lots of pictures Head pics Valve BIG PROBLEMS HERE 4 out of 16 valve guides are like this or just cracked So i am going to replace all of the exhaust side of the guides the inlet side are fine Next it is a case of dropping the head off at the local engine machining shops 8x valve guide + Fitting Head Skim and acid clean £100 all in
  2. nah my mrs has not stopped swearing at me yet lmao and yes the head is cooked i have started the clean up the under side before i get it skimmed cylinder four seems to be where the head gasket had failed there is alot of carbon left and it is very wet
  3. here is another update i think there has been some over heating issues in the past cylinder 4 http://i656.photobuc...0121031_010.jpg cylinder 3 http://i656.photobuc...0121031_009.jpg cylinder 2 http://i656.photobuc...0121031_008.jpg cylinder 1 http://i656.photobuc...0121031_007.jpg All cylinders http://i656.photobuc...0121031_006.jpg Before http://i656.photobuc...0121031_003.jpg Close up http://i656.photobuc...0121031_004.jpg After http://i656.photobuc...0121031_005.jpg
  4. head is now off and sat in the house ready for cleaning and skiming
  5. failed emission tests by miles produces more gases then a chevvy v8 according to the mot guy WOOPS i have just started to strip it down and i have found something disturbing im glad i am doing cambelt kit as well Ignore the shouting the mrs was calling me
  6. Hi All I been noticing some problem with the car over the last 2 weeks when i got the car i changed the cat due to is not revving above 4k and it was blocking the exhaust and i also done an oil and filter change and a full coolant flush over the last week it has used all of the oil (no level on the dip stick) i had to fill it back up 3.5 litres and my coolant was a nice blue color and it is now starting the change dark and it has lost a small about of its level when running the car there is no performance issues or puffs of smoke the car start from cold and hot fine with no smoke on tick over personally i am think my head gasket is going and i might have to get my spanners out what do people think
  7. personally i would check the brake pads see what condition they are in and change them if needed i would also bleed the brake fluid
  8. have you checked anything at all i would check the idle control sensor and give it a clean with carb cleaner
  9. yes this will not help the problem at all with the elements getting direct to the paint i would respray the damaged area and then go a bit mental with the clear coat and leave to set for 24 hours and then use a cutting compound and then a decent polish to really have it shining
  10. personally i would double check all wires and starter motor connections and all fuses
  11. you can use a block of wood and a mallet to knock it back into shape but i would let the flat first
  12. lmao yep it is a easy mistake im glad i got my running right now only cost £94 for a new cat and downpipe
  13. Thank you for all of your help i have now solved it and the car runs lovely i did the maf checks dis connected it but to no change i then seen that a pipe from the map sensor had came off so i reconnected it and then started up and it blew off again if you follow the pipes back they lead to the exhaust manifold so i put the car on the ramps and checked the cat gave it a few taps with my fist and it rattled surely i change the cat and downpipe (all in one part) and now the car works i will be writing a guide on how to check this on mk1 & mk2 mondeos oe any ford with the zetec-e engine silver aand black top
  14. yes i was thinking the same thiings and tbh i dont have a clue i always service my own cars when i get them regardsless and the garage i use is myself lol i do all of my own work unless it is a mot test then i use richmond tyres and exhaust on richmond walk
  15. lmao whats this about foot well lighting as long as there was no fire lighting helps every one