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  1. Unknown Loom Behind Pillar?

    side airbags u reckon mate? i im just a bit intrigued thats all could be a mod of sum sort cos from wat ive read ford like putting the wiring there but not the ewqupuipment like footwell lights sum people have the bulb holders and no bulbs and simply put them in not me tho im one of the unlucky ones lol
  2. Unknown Loom Behind Pillar?

    hello there people just recentlyu bought a new headunit for my car and when hiding the microphone wires and dab ariel wires behind the pillars i found a connecter block there i've tried looking on the net to see what connect to it but no luck ill ad a photo so you can see what im onabout cheers people
  3. 1.6 Tdci 2006 Loss Power Turbo Gone Boom Lol

    also a photo of my turbo with the exaust soot/!Removed! on it lol
  4. 1.6 Tdci 2006 Loss Power Turbo Gone Boom Lol

    yellow arrow cracked there
  5. 1.6 Tdci 2006 Loss Power Turbo Gone Boom Lol

    hello thanks for replying aswell bud and wen u say pressure do you mean the side of the turbo under the heatshield i have a cracked part on my engine i think its crankace breather been like this for a while to id like to replace it tho if its simple enough lol ill upload a pic and show you the part i mean
  6. 1.6 Tdci 2006 Loss Power Turbo Gone Boom Lol

    HELlo mate thanks for your reply, i didnt want to jump to the conclusion that its the turbo its just im runnin out of options alot of people have said about the turbo seals i kno that if i have the engine up and i rev the enngine wen i get around to 3000 revs alot of exaust smoke comes out from under the heatshield to thr left of the turbo someone saying i have a leak there but i had this before i lost any power for quite a while too i kknow its probarly not normal tho what could that suggest? (its been failing for a while and now its finally just had enough?) do u think it would be worth gettin a boost guage to see what i am getting but if i did and found no boost pressure were would i go from there lol sorry if i sound a bit idiotic lol just trying to get everything answerd lol and as for the turbo i think its a fixed vane turbo im not 100% sure tho its jus the standard turbo installed on 1.6 tdci zetec engines garret turbo
  7. hello there people my first post to the forum just after a bit of advice or anyone else had the same problem, as the title says im gutted to say my turbos gone, ill run u through what i've done. at first i didnt wanan jump to conclusions cos loss of power could be anythingg i serviced the call myself about 2-3 months ago changed the oil & filter, air and fuel filter even the pollen filter lol and could feel the difference alot more responsive and just felt alot smoother this was the first service done on the car since i got it in october and its been running fine, been happy with it since i got it i do like my fords :) so this is why im pretty gutted but by the looks of it i've read its a bit of a common problem if turbo failure is my issue but anyway, and then around 2 weeks ago coming off a round about i put my foot down and just couldnt feel any kick, normally at around 1800 revs i can feel the turbo boost in and give me the extra power aswell as when driving trying to get up to around 60-70 just slow accleration. i removed the air intake hose from the turbo to check the wheel it spun nicely in its housing although there was oil in there and very slight play up and down no warning lights on my dash and no excessive smoke i found all sensors are in gd nick from wat i can see apart from the map sensor which i found to be broke in the throttle body so i thought this could be my problem but no luck :( but a new map sensor and re fitted it to no difference made . i also removed the EGR Valves and cleaned that for this all i done was remove it from the back of the engine and then sparyed out with carb cleaner and the left untill dry then replaced and still no difference i had a mobile mechanic come out and he hooked up his diagnostic he found errors and deleted them he said he reckon these was from wen the map sensor was broken because they never came back on after restarting the car and for a drive i think the errors were related to low boost pressure and maf sensor also but like i said none came back so should you have oil in the turbo and is there any other way to find out if its faulty he was gonna take the pipe off and see if it span when the acceleartor was down. cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums laksboyo :)