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  1. It's completely for looks, its already a pretty stiff ride so I'm not bothered about it being bumpy. I think springs are going to be my best option, its really just to get her lower and sitting nicer on the alloys. Would have loved coilovers just to get that wee bit lower but already need to replace the plastic rear window, a door handle, the heater valve and get the bodywork touched up on top of the cost of the alloys so it's just not affordable :(
  2. I know, everything seems to be pretty pricey for street-ka! Others aren't so bad but SK are a never ending money pot to be honest, I love her anyway :) Thanks for the link, they're a lottt cheaper than things I've been looking at or quoted! and thanks! :D
  3. Hi all, I have a 2005 Streetka ICE edition, looking to go lower but finding it all very pricey! Can anyone recommend any coilovers or lowering springs that they've used/saw anywhere? I was quoted just over £450 for coilovers a week or two ago which is ridiculous money, is there any other springs/coils not specifically made for streetka that will still fit? Any advice greatly appreciated :)
  4. Thanks for your reply! Il definitely have to get that checked out - it is driving me absolutely mental!
  5. Hi all, new to this so bare with me! I have had my Streetka for just over a year now and it has been running sweet until about two weeks ago. I went to the petrol station and filled her, went to drive away and noticed that the petrol needle hadnt moved. Pulled over, it took 15 minutes for the needle to register a full tank. I went to restart engine before continuing on my journey and usually as soon as the ignition is on the fuel needle pops up and the mileage is displayed. Instead, there is about a 20 second lag until this happens. If I start the car before waiting for the mileage etc to be displayed, the rev counter and speedo also will not work for about 20 seconds. I have also found that when I turn the radio on in the car it displays the "1 hour" message, and will turn itself off after being on for an hour. I've had the alternator replaced in May this year, and it was re-checked last week - nothing wrong with it. The battery in the car seems to be okay also, running at the usual 12v and isnt decharging while driving. Sorry for all the rambling on but does anyone have any idea what it could be or had similar problems? Its really annoying me and just starting to worry that shes going to die on me and I rely so heavily on my car! Thanks :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Bekkax :)