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    Hello every one...my name is Lana & im from worthing in west sussex. Im the very proud owner of a Ford Escort 1.8 gti 1998 I have owned my car for around 7 years now,it may be old but to me its GOLD! Im often told by family members & friends to get rid & get a new car,but to be honest its my baby..i know the car too well & the car seems to know me too :-) I also have problems with cars fitting me as im only 4ft 11inches tall (i cant drive any car) so with the aid of an adult booster...we fit each other perfectly. Being the age it is the car now seems to be experiencing more & more problems but i suppose this is to be expected & this is why ive decided to join this site...you all seem like a really friendly bunch..willing to help out with advice when needed,which is lovely. My son is learning mechanics so does most of the work that needs doing when the car goes wrong.He is excellent at removing & replacing broken parts (photographic memory) but still needs help on diagnosing problems...My late brother was also a mechanic/welder (self taught) he could diagnose a problem by driving or listening to the engine...my son isnt quite there yet but fingers crossed he will get there soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction,i look forward to getting to know some/most/all of you :-) Lana x
  2. Hi everyone,my name is Lana & im new to the site...im having a few problems with my 1998 ® ford escort 1.8 gti. It has recently passed its m.o.t & had a full service including gear box oil change.When i start it up it ticks over at around 900/1000 rpm but like all escorts it breathes so the needle does fluctuate. My son recently changed the idle speed control valve as the car was up & down on the revs without me touching the excellerator,this seemed to solve my problems up until the service was done. My problem now is in the morning when i start it up (warmed up) & try to pull off,the car seems to have no power in 1st gear (feels like holding back) 2nd gear it jumps & judders like its running on kangeroo juice (excuse the pun) 3rd gear taking it nice and slow seems fine,but on excelleration will jump & judder again...after a while it seems to settle down & clear itself & it runs fine.I have once experienced this in 5th gear trying to excellerate up from 60mph on the motorway & it frightened the life out of me. Someone suggested it could be the throttle housing on the ecu...remember guys im female & really dont know too much about these things.Before going out and spending fortunes on a new one i thought id ask your advice first.... My son is learning mechanics & knows a few things about cars,he is good at taking bits off & replacing them but still has a few problems diagnosing faults. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...thank you in advance Lana x
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Midnight-Runner :)